Thank Goodness for Aqua Eyes

I never stop feeling like a filthily lucky blogger to have some amazing readers and blogger buddies that send me all sorts of new and exciting items to try.

Without the generosity of such wonderful people I would never have got to try Make up For ever's Aqua Eyes Waterproof pencils.

These excellent pencils are now firm favourites of mine. They come in an assortment of colours and are creamy soft to apply yet extremely long lasting.

The 4 colours that I own include:

Left to right:
21L : A gunmetal silver grey.
23L: A champagne beige pink.
0L: A deep black.
10L: A bronze gold.

I highly recommend these! It is a great shame that these are not widely available in the UK. It is for this reason that I always suggest adding these to any shopping list for ladies travelling to any Sephora possessing city.

Have you tried these? What are your thoughts? Do you have any favourite shades?

UPDATE: Thanks to the lovely Strawberry Blonde Beauty Blog, I can let you know that you CAN get these in the UK from HERE!
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Skin Conditioner

In my mind, toners can be broadly splint into 2 categories;
The watery kind and the gel like thicker kind. I personally prefer the watery kind for extra cleansing and the gel variety as an extra moisturising prep during dry skin spells.

The Rohto Hadalabo Skin Conditioner was my most recent purchase and I bought it because it promised all sorts of excellent things.

The stand out promises include:

Skin balancing,
Skin smoothing
Astringent properties to keep pores in check
Blemish treating properties.

The Hadalabo Skin Conditioner is recommended for oily/blemish prone skin types.

I have been using this for about 6 weeks now. I use it after cleansing and just squeeze a bit onto a cotton pad to gently wipe away excess grime as part of my night time routine. My skin feels immediately smoother after each use.

I am often suspicious of skincare items that promise immediate results but this works for me so far be it from me to start complaining now.

During the summer months my skin becomes increasingly oily and I am always on the look out for something to help me balance out this issue.

I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin's appearance and texture since using the Rohto Skin Conditioner and after 6 weeks I am delighted to say that this item has been promoted to the dizzy heights of " summer staple skincare items" for me. I will indubitably repurchase.

However, I am certain that this item would be far too harsh for me to use during the winter when the landscape of my face turns into a parched and arid terrain. Luckily I still have the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Lotion so see me through the chilly season.

I bought this item from Adam Beauty for $25.5 USD (Approx £17.00) for 170ml including shipping

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Time for Tea

You all know how crazy I am about a good cuppa so it is with a great amount of pleasure that I invite you all to a rather special Tea Party in Dalston. If you are in the area and you hear your tummy grumbling, pop in for tea and a slice of cake with some of my favourite Dalston people:

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In which I did not iron my shirt.

I don't like ironing much. It's not my favourite household task as you can tell!

I am rather fond of this shirt. It is made by Mardi Jeudi who are a French/Korean design house who embrace relaxed silhouettes and a minimalist approach to tailoring.

I love the green/teal colour and the feel of the silk against my skin.

On Sunday, we went a-walking. We saw many a curious sight in east London.

We met a particularly aloof cat. In a funny sort of way, he sums up what exactly how I feel about ironing!
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Winner Announcement: Worshipblues Wonderful Box of Wonderfilled Delights

Please accept my apologies for keeping you waiting on this one! Thank you to everyone that entered, spread the word and made this such fun read!

I suppose I ought to let you in on what the winner can expect to receive?

Part one:

Dollywink eyeliner pen,Lavshuca gel eyeliner, Lavshuca lip rouge, Dollywink nail polish, Majolica Majorca nail polish.

Part 2

Baviphat V line BB cream, Etude House LUCIDarling eyeshadow palette, Fairydrops lip balm, Etude House LUCIDarling blusher/highlighter.

Part 3:

A selection of sheet masks.

Part 4:

A selection of samples

Part 5

Bath stuff from Haus of Gloi and La Compagnie de Provence


Please email your address details to Questions@worshipblues.com

The runner up prize and winner will be announced tomorrow.
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The Icebook

Tiresome Wednesday's require a little bit of whimsical magic to clear away the mundane-ness.

Isn't it a wonder? It's amazing what a little trickery of light, shadow and imagination can do!

Do take a look behind the scenes HERE

I have to thank the fab Mr B at RoosBros for bringing this to my attention.

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I wish that you were cheaper

A friend of mine recently upped sticks and moved to another corner of the world and in her wake she left me with a new cleanser to try out.

Elemental Herbology Cool + Clear Facial Cleanser

Packaging: A heavy glass bottle that could be a perfume bottle in another life. I would have liked it an awful lot more if it had a handy pump.

This is essentially an oil cleanser that is not to oily in fact to me it sits in the middle ground between oil and gel. This has the bonus of making the cleanser shower friendly which is a huge plue point for me.

The formula is soap free and contains green tea, olive and lavender flower extracts. Which combined are supposed to do wonders at balancing the skin, removing the gunk (also known and impurities), and leaving the skin feeling so fresh so fresh so cleeeeean!

My thoughts: I am a huge fan of cleansing oils so this really had to do some work to impress me. However, despite myself, I am honestly impressed with this product and if it were not for the big ole price tag, I would find myself buying more!

I found this cleanser to be a bit like a good maths teacher; thorough but gentle. So after each go, my skin was left clean even after a full plastering of make up. Although the product is purported to be especially beneficial for those with sebum imbalances, this also worked well with my dry/combo/sensitive skin and caused no ghastly reactions or breakouts. I do have to note that although this doesn't leave much in the way of residue, I still follow each use with a gentle washing powder, the FANCL one is my HG.

The Cool & Clear cleanser does have a strong fragrance and although my natural preference is for unfragranced cleasing oils, this didn't bother me much.

I do so wish that the Cool & Clear cleanser were cheaper because at £28.00 per pop, I just cannot justify buying it especially as there are some excellent cheaper alternatives currently on the market.

* The Elemental Herbology Cool and Clear Facial Cleanser is free of mineral oil, synthetic fragrances and parabens*

This cleanser is available from SpaceNK for £28.00

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Recipes from the Worshipblues Kitchen : Puffy Tofu

Hiro and I like to cook together. It happens very rarely these days, so it is all the more enjoyable for me.

Agedashi-dofu is one of my favourite tofu dishes. It is basically deep fried tofu that turns out puffy and light and steeped in a tasty broth. The tofu can be topped with a variety of different toppings and is so delicious to tuck into during any season.


1 block of silken tofu (kinugoshi-dofu)
Potato starch or cornstarch if it is easier to find
3 Spring onion stalks finely chopped
Black sesame seeds
A little grated ginger
Shichimi (Japanese 7 spice chili)
Vegetabale oil for deep frying

Mix together the following and set aside:
1/2 cup Dashi stock
1 tablespoon sake
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon mirin


Wrap the tofu in a thick kitchen cloth an place on a plate in the fridge for 20 minutes to allow the tofu to drain slightly.

Cut tofu block into 8 portions

Dust the tofu with potato/cornstarch - ensure that you cover each side of the pieces.

Heat the oil in a pan until hot.

Deep fry the tofu until the pieces start to turn a little golden and the surface goes crispy.

Remove and drain on a wire rack.

Arrange the tofu into a shallow bowl and add the ginger, spring onion, sesame and shichimi on top.

Finish by pouring the sauce around the sides.

It is always nicer to use the freshest tofu that you can find. If you are in east London then head down to The Grocery on Kingsland Road and grab some of their fresh stuff!

I like to play with my toppings! It's nice to try different things. Try using grated mooli (daikon) and even some dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi.

Do let me know if you try this. I would love to know how it turns out!
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Fings what I like #16


I have been moping on the streets with my iPhone some more, and I captured another graffiti from that awesome STIK. He is rather prolific in the east of London. His works, which are always appropriately placed, never fail to make me grin from 'ere to 'ere!

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A good place to think

Empty spaces are just brilliant places to have a little think.

Just me + my ponderings echoing through the cracks and extinguished drama of a dilapidated amphitheatre.

Where do like to think?
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Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Tinted Moisturising Cream

My loyalty to the Givenchy Hydra Sparkling range reaps rewards in terms of maintaining stable healthy skin and my newest purchase has not disappointed.

MY SKIN TYPE: Patches of dry skin + Oily T-zone + Sensitive = HEADACHE

PRODUCT: Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Tinted Luminescence Moisturizing Cream SPF15 PA ++

Packaging: I like the economical tube packaging though it is worth noting that this is definitely a "shake before use" product so it can be a little messy if you are not careful with your squeezing hand.

Texture: This is a runny more liquid formulation than many tinted moisturisers but I happen to favour this type of texture as it applies easily and leaves a feather light finish.

Fragrance: The entire Givenchy Hydra Sparkling range has a light fresh, clean fragrance that quickly disperses after application.

Cost: £26.00

Availability: I bought mine from House of Fraser. I have also seen these in Debenhams, Ecsentual and Harrods too.

Notes: This TM is available in 3 shades and I use the middle ground option #2 labelled "Gold". Quite appropriate really as it imparts such a healthy looking dewy glow that really does add radiance to my lack lustre complexion.

I will certainly buy this again (and again and again).

Evidence: I get a lot of requests for showing the products that I review on myself so here is my mug shot!

I used the Hydra Sparkling TM in the evenings throughout my recent holiday and I liked the effect very much.

Excuse my tan-lines!! I may look rather pensive in the shot above, if you are curious as to what I was looking at, take a look HERE.

I am going to ATTEMPT to do more makeup mug shots for all you beauty product junkies, apologies in advance for the scariness of it all.

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| Thoughts | Acrophobia

I often have dreams in which I fly. They are terrifying as in waking time I am frightened of heights.

Despite my fear, I seem to allow Hiro to get me to stand as close to edge as my guts will let me.

Why do I torture myself?
Have a good weekend. Let's hope we all have some fine weather.

Hiro the happy snapper.
Denim high waisted shorts from Warehouse.
Crop top from Oasis.
Location Hierapolis amphitheatre in Turkey.
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For the ♥ of Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura is one of my undying makeup fixations. Needless to say I have been rather envious of everyone who has been able to get their hands on the new Color Atelier line as it has not launched in UK yet.

I have been patiently but eagerly awaiting news of it's release here and today my curiosity was rewarded! I am super excited to say that I have heard from a reliable source that the Colour Atelier line will launch in nationwide in UK this September, but greedy Londoners like me can get to see them in the Neal Street Shu Uemura boutique a bit earlier.

Yes! I am a fiend for customisable palettes.

♥ Take a look at the Color Atelier line up on the USA website here ♥

The knowledgeable Rouge Deluxe reviews Colour Atelier here.

My dear Sakura Lovely does FOTD here.
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The morose and the profane

Bollocks to you hideous British summer I know you never come with a money back guarantee BUT STILL!! It has been yonks since London has had some proper sun and seeing that it is still SUPPOSED to be summer I think you really ought to let the sun out now.

Sorry for being moody most malignant.

I know I have just come back from a lovely summer holiday so I have absolutely no right to be moaning.

I can't 'elp it. This weather is going to plunge me into sickness.

Do you like my necklace? Hiro bought it for me, he says it suits me.
I adore my little candy like skulls. They are a fitting friendship to my morose moods. When I am particularly cross with someone I imagine that I have shrunk their skulls into puny little fings that I can quash, if I feel so inclined.

Necklace by Vivienne Westwood.

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The finer liner

I often get scoffed at for my uber skinny practically-not-there eyelining habit. While I am happy to be the only follower of this "trend" that I know, I am ever thankful to those Japanese brands that allow me make my fine line doodles as they are nearly impossible to get hold of in London. Among the many liners that I have tried, K-Palette are up there with my star products.

K-Palette Real Lasting Liner 24hr Liners.
If you have not tried the K-Palette eyeliners before then you do not know what you are missing. I have both the original version (above, black) and the micro version (above in blue).

Both these K-Palette liners are brush pen type liners which is my personally preference as they glide on effortlessly and give me more control over the application. They resemble Japanese calligraphy pens to me.

There is much to about these liners:
Both pens provide a consistent deep black line.
The claim is that these liners will hold fast for 24hrs. I cannot say that I have put this to the test but I can vouch that both pens have extreme lasting power and last well over 14 hours for me.
Both are waterproof.
The micro liner is super good at providing a skinny line and is currently my FINER LINER of choice.
Both liners last a long long time. They just go on and on for entire essays of eyelining duties. I am quite certain that I will have to chuck these before they die purely because of hygiene reasons.

There are very few negatives about the K-Palette liners for me. The main one will be that they are only available on line for us Londoners. However, you can get them from Ichibankao and Mihoko.

The K-Palette Website (In Japanese)
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Look into my eyes.........

............and marvel at my baggage!

Up until now, eye creams are one of those purchases that I made with the best intentions that have ended up laying unused and forgotten at the bottom of the drawer. However, as time is catching up with me FAST, I thought I would try the Caudalie Vinexpert Anti Aging Serum for eyes and lips.

I like this a lot. In fact, I like a lot-enough to use it daily. I think it is the light as a feather serum texture that agrees with my tastes that has done the trick. I am not a fan of eye creams as they often feel a bit heavy and they usually advise against applying them onto the eye lids so this is a true gem.

A little bit of this stuff goes a long long way. This serum does not contain any parabens, mineral oil or fragrance. It does de-puff my morning eyes and although I cannot report any miracles with my fine lines, they do look smoother..well in the right light they do!

All in all I am very impressed and will certainly consider repurchasing this.

Take a look here for more details

Incidentally, on a recent trip to Paris, I was astounded that such fine skincare ranges as Caudalie are available widely pharmacies that seem to be on ever street corner. Fantastic!
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Muku Hair Salon Adventures

I played a game of bus dice last Friday. It was my attempt of bringing a spark to the hum drum dull day.

It went like this....

Whilst waiting for the bus, I chucked caution to the wind and rolled my dice.

IF the 76 bus arrived 1st, then I would go straight home and and find Hiro and co at the pub.


IF the 242 bus came 1st, then I would go to the new hairdressers on Shoreditch High Street (conveniently places between work and home) and get my head chopped of.

Friday's fate took me to the hairdressers where I met the enchanting and super stylish Hiroko-san along my yellow brick dice rolling road to somewhere.

Hiroko is an extremely talented hairdresser who was attentive, very honest and helpful too. Not only did she give me the best cut I have ever had, but she went on to show me how to style my hair. She showed me what it would look like in it's wavy state and provided helpful hints and tricks on how I can control my manic hair.

Muku hair is a hair salon that I would happily recommend to anyone that needs some hair attention. In fact, I look forward to exploring more adventurous hair possibilities with Hiroko and her team soon....watch this space!

Thank you Hiroko-san for your patience with my impossible hair. Thank you also to your colleague who had to sweep away all that hair. It looked like roadkill no?

Visit the Muku Hair Website here.

Photos by Hiro
Shirt is Hiro's by Michiko Koshino
Hair by Hiroko, Salon Manager, Muku Hair Salon
Lipstick from D&G in "Scarlet" with RBR "Come here sweetie".
Spectacles from Cradle Optical Taylors Japan

Muku Hair Salon
109 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6JN
0207 033 6520
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"Just a whisper, I hear it in my ghost"

Hiro and I spent our anniversary evening traipsing around a ghost village at sunset. Personally I think this may be the most romantic thing that we have ever done.

Abandoned places get our pulses racing, our imaginations firing and stirs a curious mix of disquiet and excitement within our guts. Hiro and I despaired at the garish and frankly tawdry resorts in this part of Turkey and so it was with much relish that we ventured into the abandoned "ghost village" of Kayakoy and we were not disappointed.

Kayakoy was once known as Levissi or Karmylissos and was a thriving vibrant community of around 3,000 Christian Greeks. I can imagine the village bustling with charm on it's hill top perch but there is a sad tale that haunts this hillside and seems to have played it's hand in the demise of the village thrice in the history of things.

Kayakoy stands on the site of the ancient city Carmylessus that was ravaged by an an earthquake in 1856 and then by a great fire in 1885. This misfortune didn't prevent the ever resourceful Greeks from settling here once more.

After the Greco-Turkish war, a "population exchange agreement" between the two countries was enforced in 1923 and so the Greeks were systematically flushed from their homes. The Turkish farmers had no use for the hilltop homes of their once neighbours and so the village was left abandoned with only sadness and an inevitable sense of loss clinging to the crumbling walls.

Nature has laid her claim on the abandoned village and she is thriving in the debris. Trees grow where families once slept. Thorns bite at your ankles as you pass through gaping doorways. The sun dashes through the cobbled alleys and peeks through the myriad of cracks.

The sheer vastness of this site is staggering. I felt emotions stirring as I saw crooked row upon row of roofless homes. Fragments of paint, broken stone ovens forever cold, forgotten memories, like skeletons laid bare on the hilltop.

But Kayokoy is stirring at the edges. Adventurous pioneers are setting up life here once again and now there is a small smattering of creatively positioned restaurants and bars, craft stalls and even a few ambitious houses that incorporate the original walls into their builds. Kayakoy now has a special place in my heart.

Thank you Hiro for the amazing photos.
Black silk playsuit from Kookai

Orange leather sandals from Office.
Kimono style inspired shrug from ASOS.

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Scenes from the iPhone

My affection for my iPhone camera seems to be amplifying with time. Here are some of my favourite Instagram addictions. I hope that you like them.

You can follow my photo feed on Instagram if you like. My user name is "Worshipblues"....surprise surprise!
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