Window Watching

Window watching is yet another preoccupation of mine. Lapping up details, cooing over packaging, admiring well thought out displays. I am an expert at investing my time wisely. Really I am.

Liberty of London.

Ladurée, Burlington Arcade.

A tailors on Saville Row.

The ceiling in a corner of Dover Street Market.

In the hearth at Milk, Shoreditch.

Button drawing pins. SCP, Shoreditch.

Bars of soap, Present, Shoreditch.

I can never tire of consuming the little details around me.


  1. Beautiful photos. Esp those macaroons, I spent the entire Saturday trying to find some.   

  2. This is a big thing i miss about living in london, just wondering around but not really looking for anything in particular. just seeing such variation in stuff and taking pics. nice one. ah the present soaps! i wouldn't mind them myself 

  3. Love this selection of snaps! :)

  4. I love that Owl!! My Dreams Can Come True blog entry reminded me of you with all of the window watching.  =)

  5. Itsalondonthing Imz12 December 2011 at 18:07

    The vibrancy of the different coloured buttons is beautiful. Happy snapping 

  6. I enjoyed window shopping as well. The displays are so interesting to look at. It's what draws the customers in, right? :] 

  7. bangbangsheshoots15 December 2011 at 02:24

    great pictures, I love the colours of it! I really next to explore that place when I'm next in london!


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