The Little Chimney Sweep

I am continually charmed by the work of Lotte Reiniger. In my artless way with words, I call her a shadow puppeteer. She was a film director and silhouette animator that is unsurpassed in her field even today.

Lotte drew inspiration from the ancient Chinese art of shadow puppetry and adapted it into a workable film medium. She trained herself in paper cutting and honed her skills to the point that she was able to create free-hand silhouette portraits at a whim.

Here is her rendition of the Tale of the Little Chimney Sweep that was completed in 1954.

Charlotte Reiniger was born in Berlin in 1899 and her works have continued to inspire and influence the work of many artists long after she died in 1981.

[ See Lotte Reiniger's fascinating Biography from the BFI here ]


  1. This was utterly fascinating and beautiful! Thank you for posting about this! I had no idea!

  2. I love Lotte Reiniger too!!! I borrowed her masterpiece "prince ahmed" from the library some months ago and it was a delight to watch it with my daughter! this video is lovely too :)

  3. My goodness - this is so beautiful. She was very talented. Thank you so much for sharing this traditional story in motion pictures.


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