10x10 London

London's financial heart has been dissected into 100 neat squares.

These little sections of the 10x10 grid were portioned out to some of the most prominent architects and artists to provide an impression of the City.

The 10X10 project aims to raise money towards the projects of Article 25, an international development and disaster relief charity that provides architectural, design and construction expertise in some of the worlds poorest nations to ensure that the right to adequate shelter is met.

Please do take a moment to flick through the gallery. Some of the work is really inspiring/thought provoking.

[ See the Gallery here ]


  1. Forwarded this to my younger son who is at art college and aspiring to travel to York University to study some more. Thanks for sharing. Have tweeted about it too.

  2. Awww this really made me smile. I feel like I did something positive! Thank you for the comment.

  3. i've got to check this out, cheers


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