Tea of the Week : Kusmi Tea Anastasia

Kusmi Tea was established in St Petersburg in 1867. In 1917, the tea company moved from London to Paris where it's headquarters remain even today.

The Kusmi Tea Anastasia Blend is my current favourite tea:

Anastasia is a black tea blend of Ceylon and China teas with essences of bergamot, lemon and orange flowers.

This is a wonderfully fragrant tea in which all the ingredients come alive in my cup. I can actually single out the scent of each note.

This is a sunny tea for me. It's like being sat on a veranda surrounded gorgeous aromas. It is not the smoothest tea blend that I have gulped down but the breezy astringency works well to rouse me on gloomy mornings.

I hope that you like my tea cup?

It is from the Wedgwood Polka Dot Tea Story collection and is made of fine bone china.


  1. This tea looks so pretty in the pink cup <3 Would you believe I had a huge collection of gorgeous bone china cups and matching saucers... and I sold it when I became vegan (bones, after all) for several hundred $$$. Part of me definitely regrets it but I'll enjoy the pretty tea sets vicariously through you <3 Thank you <3

  2. You have wedgewood teacup. I'M SO JEALOUS. I have been EYEING up those in every department store i pass but I can't bring myself to hand over the dough to buy because it's such an indulgence, esp for a poor student LOL.

    That tea sounds lovely though :D

  3. Do I like your teacup?! I LOVE your teacup!

    This tea sounds lovely and fragrant!

    In the mornings I'm so zonked out that I actually prefilter and prefill my kettle with water, and leave a box of tea and a cup next to it, so that in the morning I can guarantee that I can at least get my cuppa! I usually drink something strong like english breakfast or assam. Maybe I'll give a lighter tea a try!

  4. your tea cups are always the best :)

  5. Thanks for the tea recommendation, it sounds amazing. I am sold. The tea cup and saucer are exquisite.

  6. Don't laugh, but I LOVE sniffing tea leaves!

  7. The tea sounds lovely and I ADORE your tea cup! Actually I think I adore all your teacups hahaha :D

  8. I love this tea as well ! Your tea cup is absolutely fabulous ! I want the same !!!! >.< Where did you buy it ?

  9. Ah, Wedgewood. I absolutely love most of the teas that I get from them. Great pictures and lovely description of the tea. Sounds wonderful!

  10. The tea cup is cute!

    Love black bergamot tea. This past weekend, I had some coconut chai tea... amazing! I don't know the brand - but I highly recommend.


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