Tales of a Packaging Fiend

Things wot are nicely presented make me feel oh-so pleased wiv them!

Here are a few bits n' bobs that I have recently acquired. Fings wot make me smile for a while.

A little collection of simple fings.

A box of long matches for lighting candles. The Archivist Gallery has an assortment of excellent safety matches.

A little turned wooden case of 12 size 8 easy threading needles from Merchant & Mills.

A gift from a lovely friend. A memo block cunningly disguised posh old fashioned luggage. A product of Marks.jp.

A floral print pencil for doodling. Another gift from my friend.

A brightly wrapped tin of Sardines from Portugal.

Glass headed pins from Merchant & Mills' fine selection of notions.

Percy & Reed's hairspray decorated with an elegant illustration.

//I am fond of everyday items made an extra bit special by thoughtful packaging.

What is the last nicely packaged item that you bought?

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  1. Your pictures always make my breath catch.

    In E. Asia at the moment and EVERYTHING looks over-packaged and blinged-up to me, thanks for the palette cleanser :)

  2. i am a packaging whore. things packed in cute little containers will often make me want them regardless of what it contains inside!

  3. I like things organised neatly too ! You have quite excellent taste :-) I particularly like the orange memo block !

  4. well im totally with you on this one. i buy products just for the packaging. infact i did yesterday, bought some carrot juice in the foods of the world isle because i liked the name and character on the bottle.

    you have some real nice stuff here, my favs the matches and the pins. these little thins make my life that bit more enjoyable.

  5. Oh you got me with this post! I love beautiful packaging!! ^O^

  6. I am also intrigued by normal items with extraordinary packaging - just means more thought was put into it. =]

  7. Such pretty things. :) I'm a huge fan of pretty packaging too. I think the last thing I brought home with pretty packaging were L'Occitane's Immortelle de Corse perfume and their almond body oil. I'm not always a fan of L'Occitane packaging but I really liked these two bottles, especially the perfumes from the Mediterranean line - they're shaped like compasses :)

  8. Lovely post! I always have an eye out for packaging, whether it be the simplicity of typography or a cute piece of art. They're all so irresistible!

  9. ah yes so you do! I remember these now, great minds.


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