Security Gates Made to Measure + Install

I just dunno why the husband thinks it's fun to take photos of me with random sale sign posts.

I also just dunno:

Why I am loving the Frozen Planet series on the Beeb when I despise coldness, hell is a frost bucket// I dunno why running makes me angry//Or why I love natto (Japanese fermented beans)// Why do I think better whilst hula-hooping? I DUNNO.

Burgundy cords from GAP + Snood from Topshop + Shirt by Supreme + Cardigan from PRESENT + Bag from See by Chloe + Lipstick is Tongue Tickles by Rouge Bunny Rouge.

//Listening to: "Giving up the Gun' by Vampire Weekend
"Your sword's grown old and rusty
Burnt beneath the rising sun
It's locked up like a trophy
Forgetting all the things it's done


  1. You look JUST LIKE MY MUM when she was your age!!

  2. This post is so fun to read and the photos your husband took are very beautiful nevertheless! :)


  3. LOVE those cords on you!!!! I wanted them too, but they made my thighs look too thunderous!!! 

  4. Ahhh I see you are using Disqus now! I hope it helps in the de-trolling problem. They should make troll-killer in bottles like you get for weeds. Both are equally irritating, difficult to get rid of, and probably green. Whenever I think of trolls the thought of those little plastic trolls with weird wrinkly screen and bright green or bright pink hair pops into mind.

    Where was I? Oh yes, what I dunno is how you can look so effortlessly cool next to an advertisement sign!

  5. Yes! Thank you Jian for this suggestion. I have much to learn about this Disqus stuff. I had it a while ago but took it off when people started moaning that it was too much effort. But now, it seems that lots of people have it too!

    Oh gosh thanks! *blushes*

  6. Thanks Tom Tom! I like that they are super stretchsome. They do lovely ones in Uniqlo too. I may get me a black pair.

  7. I completely LOVE the color combination in this outfit! The blue with the yellow and deep, dark red <3

  8. I want that snood!!! and the corduroy pants.
    Man those are back in this year aren't they? I would wear my own ones except they button above the belly button

  9. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Great outfit - I really love the colours

  10. Oh yes, I also forgot to say that I need some cords. I don't like jeans, I have decided.

  11. Your husband has a great eye out for great signs and a wall backdrop that matches your outfit to the tee. When I came across your post on my feed, I really thought you were featured in some type of print! heh heh. You look lovely.

    BTW, natto! Haven't had that in a while...and I'm starting to want some now...

  12. bangbangsheshoots30 November 2011 at 02:50

    you really edgy Yasumi! Like too cool for skool XD

  13. I honestly do not know what is IN or not my dear. I dont read magazines, nor do I watch much telly...I sort of just get what I like and that is that :(

  14. Oh gosh thanks Nic! I havent been called that before! :)


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