Probably Not a Proper Post

This is probably not a proper blog post in that it is more muddled than my usual offerings, but on we go nonetheless.

mt tape make sticky stuff that I just cannot get enough of. Here is a little look at my current collection. Those who have ever purchased something from my Emporium may be familiar with some of these:

These are great for decorating/wrapping/sticking anything you care to with vivid flair.

Speaking of Japanese things that I like mucho muchly, I wore a new red lipstick today.

This is from Canmake Tokyo's new line "Creamy Touch Rouge".

Creamy Touch Rouge is a semi matte, highly pigmented, long lasting and moisturising lipstick.

My friend sent me the Sweet Cherry Shade which is a red with a pink/coral lilt.

Today I learnt that love at first smooch was a real life possibility and I seriously love this lipstick. Slap me into reality if you want, but the fact is that this glides on wonderfully, it is moisturising yet feels so light on the lips and the colour pay off is wonderful. This is the best matte(ish) product that I have come across yet. I wish that we could get this in Boots or something and I am about to place an order for the Marshmallow Pink shade.

Oh ummm, now where was I?

Ah yes, I visited Dalston Mill Fabrics again (I do this very often), and today I found myself transfixed with the buttons.

I bought some fruit from the Market. Our little thriving roaring Ridley Road Market has been getting lots of airtime this week on C4 with their gritty drama Top Boy. It's great fun playing "guess where that is in Hackney" with each scene.

I fancy sprucing up the [vintage] Liberty + Cacharel shirt that I found in a charity shop a while ago by replacing the old buttons with some more gaudy ones.

Oh and one more thing:

Expect delays for the next few days.

I have lined up some posts to keep the fire going while I will be absent from the online world. I shall still be reading your comments/messages/emails but it may take my tardy self an extra bit longer to reply than normal.


  1. very colourful post indeed, lots going on. buttons are the new black

  2. Thank you for a great random blog post! Love the lippie!

  3. The "Creamy Touch Rouge" lippie looks great on you!! I loooove it!!

  4. OOoooh I love this kind of post! It's like watching your thought process unfold.

    I do always admire the tape that you use to package everyrhing you send! It makes such a lovely special touch! :D

    And that canmake lipstick really is lovely! I can't believe what good quality canmake offers for their low prices (in Japan anyway)!

    Where are you going on your adventure anyway? Or is it going to be a surprise and we will guess when you return?

  5. the tape is so pretty! ive never seen such pretty tape before XD
    now i really wanna try the canmake lippie? see what you have done? i think we're equal now :P i have the creamy nudey lip but i look like a zombie when i wear it.... I dunno how many years I'd have to wait until i can get my hands on those lippies. I can't for your next post on it! youve got mad lippie applying skills

  6. Love that lipstick on you and yay for the deco tape! I love deco tape too :)

  7. Just dropping by to say hi! Missing you and your quirkiness xx

  8. The lipstick looks very flattering!! *___*

    oh, London.... I have some mixed feelings towards this city.

  9. The lippie is the perfect red:)...I would love to visit the UK again, nice photos.

  10. I love this post: full of inspirations and with a beautiful selection of images!

  11. buttons are so much fun! i need more shirts with buttons on them :)

    i also love that lipstick on you! it looks so.. jelly like.. but opaque.. and.. intriguing!


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