Fushigi Shop

After much noodle whirling, we have a new name for my little shop window:

Pronounced: FU-SHEE-GHEE.

Fushigi is a Japanese word that's definition means; mystery, wonder, miracle, strange, marvel, curiosity.

In celebration of my little shop window's new name I have made my 1st collection of bracelets:

True to the Worshipblues way, these are limited editions and each design has a little tale to tale. I hope that you like them.

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  1. Such a looovely bracelet!!
    Esp I adore the first.

  2. very nice and lovely..love it!!! enjoyed your blog, following you now, hope you could visit my blog too..kissess!!!

  3. Thank you for popping by! It's a pleasure to *meet" you x

  4. Thank you Saya.


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