It is estimated that there are approximately 4000 abandoned buildings in Lisbon (last counted in 2008), add to that the glaring truth that this is also one of Europe's fastest shrinking urban populations and what you have a harvest of neglected deserted edifices scattered throughout it's limits.

See what we saw:

Our obsession with abandoned, neglected decaying buildings soared to new heights in Lisbon. I have to be careful what I say for it wouldn't be right to give away too much detail about these locations. Seek and ye shall find.

The immense trepidation and overwhelmingly claustrophobic mix of anxiety, fearful inner disquiet, and at times utter disgust I feel whilst exploring the interior of such places is almost explosive. I wont deny that leaving each place is followed with a tremendous sense of PHEW!!! Relief! Combined together, somewhere within is the thrill of why I do this. I am addicted.

Big love to
Hiro for the smashing pictures.

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Always pushing up the hill searching for the thrill of it
On and on and on we are calling out and out again
Never looking down I’m just in awe of what’s in front of me"


  1. I love this post!!
    This addiction you both have is amazing, your adventures are truly a hell of an adventure.
    You find such wonderful places, scary (last picture esp lol) but WOW!
    BRB while I scroll back up to admire these fab photos! <3

  2. i'm in love with what you wrote in that last paragraph. there's a tragic beautiful romance to this dereliction. great photography.

  3. You definitely need to visit India if you love crumbling buildings!

  4. what is the reason for it become deserted? big fan of urb ex!

  5. This all looks amazing, love all the bricked up windows. I love your photo posts!

  6. Oh these photographs are strangely sad & beautiful. Abandoned buildings do intrigue me. Abandoned ghost cities intrigue me even more, like Prypiat after the Chenobyl disaster. I wonder why people are leaving Lisbon ? You take stunning photos !

  7. Great post! The song by Empire of the Sun is so appropriate as I scroll over each of these photos. Love the emotion that each exude. The abandonment of the building, where mystery and new curiosity and adventures lie.

    And, is that a bear drawing at the top of the second photo? Haha, cute!

  8. what an adventure! I'd be absolutely terrified to be in abandoned derelict buildings, but they are so beautiful in a sad way.

  9. There's such a decaying grandeur to old buildings like these. Sort of like Miss Havisham as Dickens portrayed her. Lovely photographs!


  10. I wanted to leave a proper comment.

    I can always count on you to visually see the beauty in decay & abandonment. I missed you glow. I see you are off about on now expeditions & enchanted explorations. I am finally updating my paper cup so hopefully i can bother you soon. Much to to catch up on! btw i love your authentic librarian look...i bet you even smell like books....you minx you



  11. That is an incredible number for such a population... though they prove for lovely photos.


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