Curious Gifts for Curious Minded People Pt 1.

I have a peculiar talent for selecting curious gifts. Of course this talent of mine is not always appreciated but nonetheless, here are some suggestions for you, in case you are buying Christmas gifts for curious people:

HOLE ON EX Pinhole Camera

A complete DIY pinhole camera kit that uses easy to find 35mm film.
£14.50 from The Design Museum Shop or Magma Books.

Subversive Cross Stitch Kit

For the creative, strongly opinionated and not easily offended. Available from HERE.

WACOM Inkling

For the constant doodle-bug!
€169.00 available from HERE

A monocle designed by Tio L'Atelier d'exercices for Maison Martin Margiela.

For those whose lives need magnifying.
£60 from

Ridley's Harmonica

For the noise makers.
£5.50 and available from
Lifestyle Bazaar.

An empty but pretty bottle designed by Tina Tsang of Undergrowth Design.

Excellent for the moonshine makers.
£15.00 and buyable from Harvey Nichols.

More Empties! The Bobble is a reusable water bottle with replaceable carbon filters. Filter tap water and help save the planet.
Available in various sizes and cost between £8.00 - £13.00 and are available from may places including Oliver Bonas. The replacement filters cost about £7.00 and come in a range of colours.


  1. The cross-stitch gift is hilarious! Brilliant! You do have a quirky gift guide here....inspires me to try to think out of the box when I get gifts for people...

  2. What a wonderful collection of curious things. I like your thinking. Xxxx

  3. the pin hole camera is awesome! and recyclable too :D

  4. Some great items! I like the pinhole camera, the bottles, and the monocle, I feel like I should get my dad that xD

  5. we have very similar taste, i have that SAME harmonica (got it in brighton in a nice english looking shop) and my gf and her mum have one of those drinking water bottles. great minds

  6. Oooh I think The Bobble would be a perfect gift for myself hahaha xD Thanks for compiling this list my dear!

  7. those cross stitch kits are awesome! cool post :-)

    Jessica xo

  8. Cool gifts! The monocle is hilarious :) love it!

  9. Oh, I have a penchant for quirky and curious things. I love the pinhole camera! I remember making one as a child based on the directions from my eagerly anticipated monthly National Geographic World (now re-named N.G Kids, I think).


  10. i have a cross stitch i started like 7yrs ago...i never completed it enough for it to resemble anything hahaha thanks for reminding me to dig it out & work on again!

  11. I always love seeing unique gift ideas to give people. It's ones like these that seem so unique that I'm sure any one would love and appreciate...as they are mostly likely things they wouldn't buy themselves. WINNER!


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