A Blushing Pair

Winter drains the colour from my face and I turn into a creature that much resembles a walking corpse. I attempt to combat this sallow pallor by slapping my cheeks real hard with some pink blush. In my mind this adds just a bit of pinched-by -the-frost colour.

Cream blush is my choice in winter as my skin is parchment dry around now. I have but two creamy pinks lurking in my kit and they are formidable in terms of their hue, quality and finish.

//Canmake Tokyo Cream Cheek in #8 Marshmallow Pink

A soft pretty pink of pure girliness with a peachy twist. This does contain a very fine shimmer that helps to add some pearly va-va-voom to my complexion.

Canmake Cream Cheek blushes are STILL among my most favoured cream blushes. The creamy gel-like texture is just brilliant and makes it so easy to apply and blend these into the cheeks. These are also fragrance free and are formulated with vegetal origin squalane which really does up the ante in terms of retaining my skins moisture levels.

//Illamasqua Cream Blush in Sob

This is a true pale pink that imparts a healthy dewy look without any shimmer. The blueish under tones can be a bit peculiar during other seasons but it works brilliantly during winter. This applies and blends smoothly and is long lasting on the cheeks. My only gripe is it's sweet fragrance.

Side by side

Left: Sob. Right Marshmallow Pink.


  1. I love this too! =D =D =D
    The pigmentation is so wearable and the hint of glitter is really cute. The only problem I have with my current colour is that the glitter sometimes rubs off everywhere and on everyone. Not sure if this will be the same with the other one but will have to try and see! xxx

  2. I have Marshmallow Pink but haven't opened it yet. After seeing your swatch, I think I will use it tomorrow!

  3. i've taken a new liking to cream blushes! canmake ones are my fave. i resemble a corpse all year round. i dont think i've ever had a tan on my face...ever >.<

  4. I love Canmake Creem Cheek blushers still too, and I also really like #8! It looks a bit intimidating like it'd be too frosty or cool-toned but looks nice on. I haven't tried any Illamasqua cream blushers but yours looks lovely!

    P.S. I wish winter here would drain my color, lol, I still have my summer tan going on. =X

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous and I want, no scrap that, I NEED them both! x

  6. I've been dying to try some cream blushers. I hate how matte my face is after powder products!

  7. You need MUFE HD blush in No. 13 Smooth Talker!! Awesome staying power and the perfect dolly pink! I love it for winter!

  8. Such lovely shades for blushes! I, too, am quite ghastly...(actually year round) so any bit of color would prove to be of much help in bringing some life back into the face. I actually haven't tried a cream blush yet, but I want to. My cheeks tend to get dry during the colder months of the year, so I think cream blushes would be a great alternative. :]


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