The Wine Line

I have taken to adding a pointless stripe of burgundy eye liner to my everyday face these days. I am not sure why I feel the need to do this other than it makes me smile and I really like the colour. The liner in question is the Lunasol

Above we have the Lunasol Geminate in 05 RB liner against the Noble Liner in Khaki Brown as a comparison.

I love this colour, it is a rich maroony ruby-ish wine colour with an even silvery shimmer. Note that all the Geminate Liners do have a bit of very fine (not as gritty as it may look in my extreme close-up) sparkle as the name would suggest.

Lunasol's Noble Shade Liners but a sparse sprinkle of shimmer. They are more pearlescent, almost metallic and result in a richly pigmented finish. The rich gold, khaki bronze tone is wonderful.

Above are swatches of one layer of each liner. They are both very pigmented, have a speedy drying time and cling fast for well over 8 hours in my experience. I find them both very easy to apply with the flexible yet firm brush that makes the applicator all the more smooth and precise.

Now here for some more me-isms. Why do I bother with my skinny slither of an eye line?

I think less is more on me, I like the subtly of a flash of colour revealing itself in the right light, to me it's about feeling comfortable in my makeup and this is my comfort eyeliner zone.

Both these liners were bought in Japan but I have seen them available on Mihoko Shop and Ichibankao.


  1. That is the difference between me and you. You do a really thin line and I layer it on really thick but then have you ever seen an Indian girl with thin eyeliner on?

    If you want cheap ones that do not budge then get some GOSH ones. I have a few of them and no matter how much I touch my eye, they do not move.

  2. I love this liner! Much more subtle than coloured mascaras!

  3. your hazel eyes are perfect for that burgundy line, and yeh, less can be more sometimes

  4. The burgundy is so rich and does really look like red wine! What a lovely colour!

    Wow, that is a thin line indeed but it does make a difference I'm sure! You have beautiful eyes to start with!

  5. these liners' colours are so subtle. I have never seen that type of shade before. so elegant.

  6. The color is so pretty! I like that you wear your makeup based on what you like. I also wear what I wear for myself!

  7. Those liners are beautiful. Maroon swoon!!

  8. WOW! The formula seems to be very pigmented. I'm impressed. Generally liners with color are streaky. Looks great!

  9. Gorgeous colors! I heard great things about the Lunasol liquid liners.

  10. I'm back on your blog wandering through all your beautiful posts! Just like to say I'm back to loving my Lunasol liner too after leaving it quite lonely in my makeup bag. :) LOVES it. I've got the reddish brown one that goes on so easily and stays on all day 13hrs at work! x


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