The practical use of a paper mask

Japanese lotion masks are a great invention.

These are basically paper masks that have been compressed into little tablets. Once immersed into liquid, they expand and loosen into a sheet mask that you can place on your face and relax while it does it's thing.

I tend to use one with a moisturising toner (frequently referred to as a lotion in Japan) twice weekly as an extra moisturising treatment at this time of year. During the summer, I opt for a more astringent alternative.

I am currently coming to the end of my RMK Skintuner Fruit bottle which I have enjoyed using during the warmer weather as it provided the perfect level moisture without leaving my skin greasy or dry. Formulated with vitamin C,this lotion promises to brighten skin tone and restrain blemishes. This has a bitter orange scent that is mild and refreshing and also dissipates quickly.

RMK currently has 4 lotions in it's UK repertoire and the Fruit version is recommended for combination skin types. After 3 months of weekly use as a treatment along with the lotion masks, I can honestly report that I noticed fewer blemishes than normal but as the weather turns, I cannot envisage this being moist enough for my dry skin during the frosty climate. However,I am considering trying out the Smoother Moist Skintuner at some point this winter.

Do you like my rather enthusiastic looking bunny model? She is German and made by Rosenthal.

Back to the lotion masks. These are available on eBay, Adam Beauty, Sasa and Imomoko amongst many other places. Brands such as Kose, Kanebo and Shiseido each have their own and are all worth looking into. In the UK you can find these at MUJI in little packs of 5.

I will continue to be a fan of these lotion masks as not only are they cheap, but they also help me use up the bottle and bottle of toners that I seem to have accumulated.

→ If anyone whould find a blog post with a comparison of all my lotion masks helpful, please let me know ←


  1. The Japanese are so innovative when it comes to skin care!

  2. Yes, I would find a comparison of your lotion masks very helpful. We seem to have a very similar skin care routine, so I would love to know more about the lotions you use and like. I currently use either Guerlain SuperAqua or Hada Labo.

  3. I would love to try these paper masks...have you ever found them in the UK?! BTW, the house you posted yesterday is so cool, it looks magical...Have a nice w-e!


  4. I will try these!
    Canada winters are very harsh and always leaves me with dry skin :/
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. It looks like the bunny is gloating over his collection :)

  6. I do love those compressed masks! I just cottons puffs for the quick pick me up XD

  7. what is the brand of those cotton mask tablets?

  8. This is so cool! I have super dry skin in the winter and sometimes my skin just feels plain old tired so I often get kleenex's and slightly soak them in cool water and spread it out on my face! I think I need these in my life!! Where did you get cotton masks you've mentioned in your post and how much were they? x

  9. so you put them on your face or you use them to apply stuff to your face?

  10. These are so handy, love them!

  11. @ Mat - you dip them in lotion still they are soggy and then stick them on your face.

    @Blog-a-beaute - These ones are from Shiseido. I bought them on eBay from Alphabeautyuk for £4.00 for 15.

    @katherine - These are from Shiseido.

    @Not just a pretty dress - Yes you can get some in Muji.


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