NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream - Istanbul

After displaying much curiosity abut NYX line of Soft Matte Lip Creams, I gave in and got a couple to try out. I have been trialing the Istanbul shade this last few days.

The colour is a very natural pink with a slight peach lilt. It is not far off my natural lip colour and so it is effortless to use UNLIKE the rest of the shades available in NYX's line up.

As one may suspect, this is not the most moisturing lip product and I wouldnt advise sporting this if your lips are chapped as all sins are pitilessly revealed. Staying power is not top notch either and the lip cream has an awful habit of fading in the most uneven and unflattering manner so you may need to wipe the whole thing off or be touch-up savvy on your outing.

I am glad that I didn't opt for the brighter shades in the SMLC spectrum as I feel that I would have been bitterly disappointed. However this has served me well this week and the shade and initial finish at least, are brilliant.


  1. Been trying to leave comments here since yesterday. Blogger seems to be swallowing the comments. I so enjoyed the shoe post below and I adore this shade on your lips.xx

  2. This looks great on you! I agree completely with this review.

  3. It's very lovely! I need to investigate!

  4. Oh wow! From the packaging, even though it says matte, I would still think that it would have some sheen to it. I must try ASAP!

  5. This looks GORGEOUS on you missy! I thought it was a lippie, Ive never known a gloss or whatever it s to be so matte.


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