A Remarkable Amount of Hot Air

Brick Lane is a good place to go for a wonder-filled wander about on a sunny Sunday. The streets in the area are pulsating with folk engaging in all manners of activities. For me it's a fab place to people watch and grab a bite to eat.

We like to make regular breaks from the crowds by making for the well-preserved antiquated and story-like side streets such as
Fournier, Wilkes, Folgate, Elder and Princelet Streets.

These are my most favourite streets in London and I never tire of walking through them. And, if I am to be completely honest, I like to try and surreptitiously glance through the windows to see what the houses are like within.

If you are as odd as I am, then you too may find yourself captivated by the textures of the walls in the Spitalfield/Brick Lane area. I just can't get enough of the contrast of bricks, wood, peeling paint, neglected concrete and random street art.

Things have a way of sitting side by side in a seemingly uncomfortable yet entirely appropriate way here.

Now on the subject of hot air, we came across a curious spectacle in which the fellow below was engrossed in playing his flaming tuba.

We were not entirely convinced if he was ACTUALLY playing the instrument, I would like to imagine that he was. Either way, he did a good job of making a marvellous display of himself!

Walking is hungry work and the chosen snack for the occassion was some vegetable okonomiyaki (a Japanese sort of fritter like thing) and yaki-onigiri (a sort of grilled rice ball) from the Sunday Up Market.

Thank you for sticking with us on our little saunter.

Thanks the Ponster for taking the pics.

Credits: Lipstick: D&G "Scarlet", Tee: BAPE, Jeggings: GAP, Shoes: Kate Kanzier, Snood: Topshop, Bag: Marc Jacobs, Jacket: Warehouse.


  1. I love the new hair - and the atmospheric pics!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Your hair looks SO cool

  3. Let me start by repeating/saying, that I love your new haircut! And the lipstick shade you are wearing is lovely...which one is it?! Brick Lane is fascinating and you really captured the charming atmosphere...

    (once again) Thank you so much for the nbice comment!

  4. You looked amazing! That haircut is definitely working!

    I also really like brick lane, but haven't been there during the weekend in ages (usually pop by once in a while during the week after work to get some calico at a local fabric shop)

  5. I love your hair like this, you always find such fabulous places. I too love characters of walls, it, you must one day be my London tour guide, you do find the places that have so much character.

  6. I never tire of wandering round London - so many different building styles be they grand or neglected like in your amazing pictures. Wondering at their uses - current and past. great pics x

  7. Beautiful photos!!! I love your outfit! I'd love to go to London one day... :)


  8. I wish to find wall art like that around my town.

    And street performers.

    Your hair looks extra cool.

  9. I love the profile picture of you! It's beautiful :) The flaming tuba is so fitting with the street-art behind him. Your lip color is stunning and I love it next to your scarf <3 But I am mad at you because you made me sooo hungry for okonomiyaki and yakionigiri *stomach growls* argghhh!

  10. I have the habit of glancing into open windows too. ;)

  11. That lippie is lovely on you, thanks for the credits =D x

  12. Loving that lippie on you!
    You peculiar froot loop was this where you were sprouting off about twats?xD

  13. brick lane sundays are always a delight and you have done a good job documenting your travels through these parts.

  14. Love love love your hair!

    And I adore these posts too. It's like a call for me to wake up and look around when I see streets like that. Although the guy playing the flaming tuba...that is...interesting!

    Mmm okonomiyaki and yaki-onigiri! Love both of them, but the first one is a bit messy to make in my opinion (we get grated cabbage everywhere). So...perfect to grab as a bite outside!! ^^

  15. I guess I must be as odd as you then as I love these places too. I truly enjoyed this saunter. Thank You Xxxx

  16. ooh, how I love okonomiyaki!

    Great pictures. You look stunning! you have such an amazing look!

  17. What an interesting place! The tuba guy is so cool!!! I wonder how that even works o_O;

    Love your hair & your lipstick too :)

  18. These are wonderful images of Brick Lane. I can imagine spending a day just taking it all in here (I've never been there).


  19. I truly understand your aesthetic interest for these neglected walls. I love your hair


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