Monsieur Tintin

I am very excited about Hergé's Tintin arriving on our big screens. Being a child much hungry for adventures of the especially preposterous and exaggerated kind, Tintin was a staple in our household.

Just the other day, whilst rooting through Hiro's medicine drawer, I came across an unassuming tin pencil case. I tingled with delight when I laid eyes on it's contents.

Turns out that Hiro was a Tintin fan too. He would plonk himself in front of the box after his daily double paper-round and devour a sausage sandwich with Tintin for company. He had lovingly collected these pin badges from the memorabilia shop in Covent Garden and kept them all this time. He was as delighted as I was to see them again.

I think that they are all marvellous but my favourite one has to be this one from Tintin and the Blue Lotus.

Named after the opium den that features within the story, The Blue Lotus is my hands down favourite adventure of all because of Wang's somewehat mentally distracted son Didi.

I also like this sketchy Tintin pin badge.

I had quite forgotten about the little Tintin treasure trove in Covent Garden, I think I will have to pay it a visit again very soon! Here is the address if you would like to pop down too!

The Tintin Shop
34 Floral Street
Covent Garden
United Kingdom


  1. Must call round when next in London;-)
    Hope you are well.xx

  2. HAAAAAA I love The Blue Lotus too!!!! & Didi and stupid snowy!!! Tin Tin is my fav French boy!!! Check out the trailer it looks MEGA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0tfWj24eVY

  3. Haha this is awesome! The pin badges are so cute and its so lovely to discover something from your childhood you have in common with someone ^^

  4. Oh I just got a rush of childhood memories haha. I used to love Tintin! and I had no idea there was a movie coming!

  5. It makes me so happy to hear about people recovering lost little treasures from their childhoods :)

  6. I LOVE TINTIN!!! although am not a pin collector but these are gorgeous!!

  7. I've never heard of Tintin, but its cute you guys were both fans. =]

  8. awwww they are so cute!! and its so sweet that u are still learning new things about your husband XD the magnets are adorable.

  9. Oh, if you love Tin Tin, you must visit Brussels...


  10. tintin is so timeless a character. I love those pin badges.

  11. I LOVE TINTIN TOO!! I have read almost all the books and The Blue Lotus is also one of my favourites. I really need to go to London and see that shop! The badges are so pretty.
    I have a friend that really looks like Mr Rastapopolous and it cracks me up.
    I really hope Joe Cornish has done a good job with the film!!

  12. What a treasure to discover I spent many teen years pouring over Tintin graphic novels (as well as Asterix & Obelisk) so am also excited about the film.


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