Focus on Rouge Bunny Rouge

Thanks to a couple of my favourite bloggers (London Makeup Girl + Modesty Brown), I have followed the Rouge Bunny down the winding rabbit hole and collected a fair selection of choice items.

I can honestly say that I really like all the items above and am very pleased with their individual performances in general.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush - For the Love of Roses:

This is "Starina" and it is one of my favourite blushes.

An illuminating pale coral/peach with a mere whisp of shimmer that provides an easy to achieve barely there look yet can be built up for a stronger look.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick - The Succulence of Dew

This is the shade known as "Jasmine Weighted Air". A sheer light orange with golden shimmer. This was a firm favourite during my summer holiday.

"Tongue Tickles" is a glorious shade of pink and is my everyday-when-I-can-be-bothered-to-wear-lipstick-lipstick. A shiny girly flowery pink with glow giving white shimmer. I wore this [HERE]

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lipgloss

I enjoy using these glosses immensely. The redder shade is called "Come here Sweetie" and I have reviewed this previously [HERE]. The other more delicate shades is "Relish of Heaven" and this too was reviewed separately HERE.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long Lasting Cream Eye Shadow

Both of these were sent to me as PR samples. I have to say that I like them plenty much. Curiously, although these are lovely and creamy, they are not as smooth to apply as the watery Chanel Ombres D'Eau see [HERE]. They do need a little blending to create an even finish but they are long lasting and the colour pay off is wonderful.

"Chiffon Ringlet" is the darker mauvey chocolate shade on the right. This shade is buildable and you can achieve a rather intense smouldering look very easily.

"Brocade Skipper"=" is the lighter creamy gold shade. This is wonderful on its own for a natural look or as a base.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds are Singing Long-Lasting Eye Shadow

These shadows are a bit of luxury for me. Many people like to hurl the fact that these shades are easily duped and I have to agree that they are indeed. However, if you are after some dependable extra special shadows then you cannot go wrong with RBR's collection.

"Solstice Halcyon" is my current everyday shadow. I use this on it's own or accompany it with slightly more shimmery shades.

"Solstice Halcyon" is a semi matte maauvey, taupey, beigey shade.

"Abyssinian Catbird" is a deliciously rich golden olive khaki bronze shade that does the job in one swipe.

Like all RBR shadows that I have tried, it is buttery soft and smooth to apply and very pigmented.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting liquid.

The highlighting liquid in "Sea of Tranquillity" has been reviewed [HERE]

I hope that this focus review is helpful to all my readers that have requested more information on this brand. I shall continue to add in the hope that it will be a comprehensive guide to my collection.


  1. Hun, can you please show us how the lipsticks look like on?

  2. Hello Blair!

    I used Tongue Tickles here: http://www.worshipblues.com/2011/10/columbia-road-is-still-one-of-my-most.html

    I will try and take better pics for you!

  3. Oh, my mouth is watering now. I'm not sure that that is the entirely correct response to a Rouge Bunny Rouge collection post but what the hell, it' lunch time!! Tongue Tickles and Come here Sweetie look very tempting. I'm not generally a lipgloss fan but I do like their lipglosses very much.

    Thank you for sharing the pretty pretties! Thank you for the kind mention too x

  4. Whenever I see RBR posts I go "oooooh!" I wish it were easy to get here :)

  5. Gorgeous color, packaging and presentations!

    I love the beveling/embossing in the products. Super cute!

  6. Thanks for showing us your Rough Bunny Rouge collection!! I've heard of this company before...but never actually saw reviews on their products.

  7. Gorgeous looking products. You make me what them all....Envious! >.<

  8. This highlighting liquid looks gorgeous!!

  9. I love the packaging it's soo cute!!"Tongue Tickles" lipstick looks gorgeous!

  10. Oh I'd love to try some RBR, am particularly taken with these gorgeous eyeshadows.

    nic x

  11. the little glob of highlighting liquid looks awesome! haha i'm not quite sure what it is about it but it looks magical.


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