Disappointingly Flat Chocolate

Such a pity! Such a pity that this colour is ever so .....flat!

In the bottle, it promises a deep, rich bronzy, black with swirls and whirls of shimmer.

Such a pity that the shimmer is so infinitesimally fine that it simply won't manifest upon my nails.

Struggle as I might, I can only see the polish as either black or deep brown depending on the light of course.

Dear YSL Noir Mordoré (Black Bronze)....where is the bronze? Why must you be so ....flat!


  1. I'm wearing a very similar colour on my toes...but you're right about it being too flat for fingers!

  2. Oh what a disappointment. I hate that, I've got a few nail polishes that don't live up to their name.

  3. Oh :( If only it looked like it does in the bottle.

  4. cute!!!!~


  5. I'm afraid you're right :( it is very flat!!! Ohh how I wish we had such a nice returns policy as our counterparts in America!

    Is the polish quite creamy? This just reminded me of a blog which I read sometime last week about the O.P.I. muppets collection where one of the polishes wasn't showing the glitter/shimmer through cos it was too thick. So the blogger replaced 1/4 of the polish with clear polish and it shone through

    http://oncebittenblog.blogspot.com/2011/10/opi-muppets-collection-swatches-review.html (it's the dark red one if you keep scrolling down)

    I wonder if that's of any use to you?

  6. Hmm what a pity, it looks lovely in the bokkle, Have you tried a top coat? or a gold glitter polish over top?

  7. Wow, it really does look flat on, but like a different polish in the bottle :(

  8. What collection is this nail polish from? I just went to the ysl counter the other day and tried their nail polishes for the black collection and their autumn winter collection! Some of those were flat as well but seemed much nicer than this!

  9. sorry to hear that this is such a disappointment! it looks so pretty in the bottle. =[ that's prob the worst thing that can happen!!

  10. It looks great in the bottle but you're right it looks flat on the nails.. like it's a different polish!

  11. Lovely color!!

    Oh and as for animal print, that just means your already ahead of the herd, good thing for being fashion forward ;D


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