About Ressurection Men

Columbia Road is still one of my most favourite places to stroll through on a Sunday despite it finding itself firmly on the London tourist trail. it is more than just a flower market, it is a pulsating hive of activity during the weekends that splashes creativity, vintage wares, curiosities and delicious food onto the streets and draws crowds from near and far.

Columbia road itself is a row of Victorian shops that date back to the 1860s. Today many of the shops open only at the weekend and the flower market itself takes over the street on Sundays.

A bit of dark and twisted history:

Columbia Road was once a Brick Yard before it evolved into undesirable below ground-level housing area known as Novia Scotia Gardens. Here lived some members of a gang of notoriously unsavoury ressurection men, body-snatchers that sought out and murdered people to then sell on their remains. The gang were caught after a delivery of a suspiciously fresh body to This School of Anatomy in the Strand. Bizarrely, the public had a great appetite for such grisly goings on and the superintendent in charge of the arrests opened Novia Scotia dwelling to the public for 5 shillings a peep! If you are wondering what come of the gang....

"Bishop and Williams were executed outside Newgate in the presence of thirty thousand spectators, who set up a shout of exultation that was prolonged for several minutes. The bodies were removed the same night, Bishop to the King's College, and Williams to the Theatre of Anatomy, in Windmill Street, Haymarket, to be dissected. They were publicly exhibited on Tuesday and Wednesday, at both places, when immense crowds of persons were admitted to see their remains."


  1. Thanks for sharing! love Columbia Road!

  2. Who would've thought! But I have heard of the resurrection men! There was a similar couple in Edinburgh who were doing the same thing. Basically anywhere I think there was a medical school where there was dissection of bodies! Scary stuff.

    The funny thing about our dissection room is on the ground floor of our medical school, directly adjacent to the city's largest cemetry! We used to joke about where the cadavers came from...

  3. Ah I love the bit of history that you add at the end of this. I'm wanting to go to these places now that you've mentioned them! Beautiful sunny day , the pictures are all so warm! ^^

  4. I've never been on Columbia Road it looks uber vibrant!
    And you cute in that outfit too, a bit French :)
    Thanks for the grisly tale, I bet its haunted there too

  5. Hello gorgeous girl how are you? Hope all's well back home. Looking good and that sunshine suits London! Hope it stays a while! xx

  6. It's funny how the macabre bits of history are so intriguing! And how watching people get killed was a spectators sport in the all-too-recent past. Unthinkable to me!

  7. Nice photoshoots!
    Wow interesting history to know! *creepy*


  8. Man! I wish there was something similar to this where I am, seems amazing. Minus the trash piles haha!

  9. Those pleated culottes look amazing on you!

  10. What a lovely ramble through the streets of London...


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