Bloody looking Virgin Mary (not quite) Jelly Salad

Jelly is cool stuff!

It reminds me of kiddy parties.

I have been experimenting with the wobbly stuff recently and as I prefer savoury things to sweet and so I tried my hand transforming vegetable juice into jelly.

Turned out alright! I used agar agar so this is entirely vegetarian.

I used V8 veg juice with some Tabasco, a good splash of Worcestershire sauce and black pepper. My jellies went well with my lunch time salad. Dressed with a balsamic vinegar dressing, it was pretty tasty and I imagine that it is healthier than a sarnie.

And so now I am pondering....

....What else might I turn to jelly!?


  1. Looks delicious this salad. I'm sure you'll come up with wonderful ideas of what to turn to jelly;-)

  2. That look so yummy! why not turn cola into jelly (>w<)

  3. Oh wow. That looks so cool :) Virgin Bloody Mary cubes, I must try this!

    I suggest you try double/triple layered cubes. It'd be alot of work, but it'll turn out beautifully if set right. :)

    Or if you're thinking of flavours: Papaya and Mango with a kick of chilli-Thai style?

  4. You're a genius! I should try this for our lunchboxes. So much fun for lunch time! :D

  5. how about tea?! although i guess jelly needs strong flavours....

  6. That is SO cool, I'm so impressed! It's visually intriguing too.

  7. I love agar agar and this looks delicious! What a great addition to a salad!

  8. Yay, vegetarian! I go through phases of not liking jellies, though, I LOVE veggie juice. Make carrot juice jellies? NOM!

  9. Those actually look quite delicious! [like square tomatoes!]


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