7 Deadly Sins

Collaborations with fellow bloggers is great fun and our latest challenge took a dark turn into the realm of the 7 Deadly Sins.

Yes, my sin is indeed WRATH. For years I have struggled with my temper/my anger/my rage. My anger is black. Seething, deadly and abysmal with red ruthlessness at it's edges.

I have it in check now but that is much to do with the calming influence of Hiro rather than my own personal ability to transcend the bloody curse of it. I am not proud of my sin. I cannot be proud of allowing something to consume me so entirely that I lose control of the reins of sensibility/reason/empathy I become a reckless fire and by the time it subsides, I hate myself for it for I often realise that it is myself that I have hurt the most.

I used ADDICTION #Shangri La with L'oreal Infallible #Burning Black for my eyes and Dolce & Gabbana lipstick in Nude. I didnt use any foundation.

My honest opinion is that these so called Deadly Sins are in fact shit that make us all very human.But stipulations and exposed guts aside, I am not the only sinner. I have 6 sinners to wallow in the Styx with:

Pinkfish Tart's Sin is Gluttony:

Yumeko's Sin is Pride:

Justine's Sin is Envy:

More Sinners will be arriving soon.

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Focus on Rouge Bunny Rouge

Thanks to a couple of my favourite bloggers (London Makeup Girl + Modesty Brown), I have followed the Rouge Bunny down the winding rabbit hole and collected a fair selection of choice items.

I can honestly say that I really like all the items above and am very pleased with their individual performances in general.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush - For the Love of Roses:

This is "Starina" and it is one of my favourite blushes.

An illuminating pale coral/peach with a mere whisp of shimmer that provides an easy to achieve barely there look yet can be built up for a stronger look.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick - The Succulence of Dew

This is the shade known as "Jasmine Weighted Air". A sheer light orange with golden shimmer. This was a firm favourite during my summer holiday.

"Tongue Tickles" is a glorious shade of pink and is my everyday-when-I-can-be-bothered-to-wear-lipstick-lipstick. A shiny girly flowery pink with glow giving white shimmer. I wore this [HERE]

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lipgloss

I enjoy using these glosses immensely. The redder shade is called "Come here Sweetie" and I have reviewed this previously [HERE]. The other more delicate shades is "Relish of Heaven" and this too was reviewed separately HERE.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long Lasting Cream Eye Shadow

Both of these were sent to me as PR samples. I have to say that I like them plenty much. Curiously, although these are lovely and creamy, they are not as smooth to apply as the watery Chanel Ombres D'Eau see [HERE]. They do need a little blending to create an even finish but they are long lasting and the colour pay off is wonderful.

"Chiffon Ringlet" is the darker mauvey chocolate shade on the right. This shade is buildable and you can achieve a rather intense smouldering look very easily.

"Brocade Skipper"=" is the lighter creamy gold shade. This is wonderful on its own for a natural look or as a base.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge When Birds are Singing Long-Lasting Eye Shadow

These shadows are a bit of luxury for me. Many people like to hurl the fact that these shades are easily duped and I have to agree that they are indeed. However, if you are after some dependable extra special shadows then you cannot go wrong with RBR's collection.

"Solstice Halcyon" is my current everyday shadow. I use this on it's own or accompany it with slightly more shimmery shades.

"Solstice Halcyon" is a semi matte maauvey, taupey, beigey shade.

"Abyssinian Catbird" is a deliciously rich golden olive khaki bronze shade that does the job in one swipe.

Like all RBR shadows that I have tried, it is buttery soft and smooth to apply and very pigmented.

//Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting liquid.

The highlighting liquid in "Sea of Tranquillity" has been reviewed [HERE]

I hope that this focus review is helpful to all my readers that have requested more information on this brand. I shall continue to add in the hope that it will be a comprehensive guide to my collection.
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A Bit of Super Design 2011

Hiro + 1 Roos Bro + co went along to the Super Design 2011 event recently. With an iPhone at the ready, he took pictures for me to blog about. I seem to have got a range of people thinking about blogging material for me these days! Anyway, Super Design is London's premier Design Art exhibition. It focuses on that blurry line where visual art and design embrace/collide/meet.

This is Paolo Giordano's remix of Eames an classic chair.

Entitled "Ethno-Eames", there are two variations. One of cast aluminium and the other cast Bronze.

The Ghost Queen Chair is a marvellous creation of Design Drift.

It is astounding to know that each Ghost chair has been handmade.

While the "inner ghost" may be conceived as a random occurrence in the creation process, it has actually been carefully considered and each line, curve and movement has been designed.

The Ghost Chair is an experiment in: shape, high tech production methods and crafts.Design Drift
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Excuse me! I seem to have a Ripper in my Tea

Donkey Products of Germany make these quirky tea bags and the Ripper one seemed the most fitting for this weekend.

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Little Crowns, Sort of but not really

I have been busy stocking up my little shop window [HERE] with these curious hair accessories which I hope to delight you with.

Each one is handmade and painstakingly composed by me. I have tried to achieve an arrangement of balance, contrast + beauty in each piece. Each piece is unique and a one off item that will never be created again. I suppose these are my lasting little flower arrangements.

Sakura in Darkness

Curious Shrubbery

Chrysanthemum Coruscation

Placid Peonies

I have used a mix of rare Japanese tensha beads, Swarovski crystals and reclaimed glass beads on a high quality hair elastic. The bows are made of snake chain and were hand tied by me.

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The Yummies: Mango Pudding

There is a rather funky Asian supermarket in Shoreditch (Shoreditch side of Hackney Road) and this is where I found some Taiwanese mango pudding.

It was cheap to buy the pudding powder and easy to make. It is sort of a creamy mango flavour with a melt-in-the-mouth jelly texture. I used some silicone moulds to create this pretty looking specimen. This is yummy stuff!
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London Stalker

I plod about London a plenty. My iPhone is an easy way to capture moments as they pass me by. This new medium is not everyone's cuppa tea I know. Yet, for me, any method of capturing an essence of a moment/feeling/place/sight/expression is a valuable of creative articulation.

Here are my scenes of London's curious in betweens:

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Many Colours of the Union Jack

I really like these Union Jack palettes. Apparently, many of you do too as I have had a good handful of requests for swatches.

Rimmel London Glam'Eyes HD Eyeshadows:

English Oak:

Bark like browns, a gold leaf shade and an autumnal rosy copper.

Green Park:

Mucky browns, fresh grassy green, scorched grass yellow.

Black Cab:

Charred, smoky foggy shades with a brilliant glittering white.

I am generally pleased with these palettes. They have great pigmentation and are buttery soft. They do tend to break when pressure is applied but the clever separators within the palette keep things from getting too messy. Both Boots and Superdrug are doing some excellent 3 for 2 offers at the moment and these are certainly worth a look in.

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The Process of Making INI Pumps

I am always excited when I get to introduce you to one of our friends. You may recall our friend the shoemaker HERE.

There are so many processes involved. Too many for me to follow and show here. Nonetheless, I hope that I have given you an idea of the intricacies of the work of my shoemaker friend.

He has promised to make me a pair one day, I just can't wait!
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