Van D'go nails

Pretty peachy pastels are gloriously girly and somehow make me long to sink my teeth into a cupcake piled high with butter cream icing!

Essie Van D'go

I just couldn't resist a bit of nail stamping and the result was a bit of a boudoir in pastels look...nothing like a cupcake at all!

Thank you to my dear Pam for the rainbow of peachy corals x


  1. I really love this color!! Peach is my FAVORITE color for nails.

  2. Wow, your Konad stamping skills are super and those are the prettiest nails yet! >.<

    Wish I had your Konad stamping ability...

  3. Amazing! such a beautiful print! I have this shade too, such a pretty pastel colour.

  4. I HAVE THIS! i like how you konad stamped them. making them like an artpiece...


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