Titus Groan

I am currently reading The Gormenghast Trilogy.

"Suckled on shadows"

I, my dear readers, am being truly pulled into it's confines.
Ah, the joy of getting lost in another's imagination.

What are you reading at the moment?


  1. Oooooh! I do love a good picture book!!!

    I'm doing so much reading at the moment that it might be pouring out of my ears. I've moved on from philosophy textbooks though, and started reading PATIENT INFORMATION WEBSITES, and Department of Health/NHS screening committee policies.....................*big sigh*

  2. I'm reading The Hunger Games Trilogy and I am obsessed!! I read part 1 on Monday, 2 on Tues, and I'm beginning 3 tonight..I don't want it to end!!

  3. looks like a great read!!! i haven't had a chance to really sit down & read a good book in a looong time. all my life i've had to read stuff required for school lol! haven't been addicted to any books since Harry Potter!! need to start searching for new books to read :D

  4. ID :) Does that count? I think I'll visit a book store today :)

  5. I haven't read this one although I did have a copy for years. But I watched the tv series and gave it away. Now I want to read it. Oh, the dilemmas of having too many books! Currently reading Heartstone by C.J. Sansom and Millions Like Us by Virginia Nicholson.

  6. I have to concur with ShinyPrettyThings - I've been way too addicted to Harry Potter to bother reading anything else.
    I used to read hundreds of books throughout my childhood and early teens, but when I started reading Harry Potter when I was 15, it just totally took over which is quite sad :(

    I really wish I could read Gormenghast. I gave it a go when I was 14 but it was too difficult for me, and I have a feeling that 10 years later it will still be a challenge.


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