Tea of the Week :Kunitaro Sencha

Green Tea is a staple in my life. I start each day with a steaming hot cup and each day without it, doesnt feel quite right.

I have grown rather fond of this Kunitaro tea. The blend of green tea leaves and matcha is refreshingly delicious.

The convenience of a tea bag is duly appreciated in the mornings.

This is a bold yet well-rounded cuppa. It's zingy with a slighty earthy fragrance and has very little in the way of bitterness if brewed well.


  1. I do like your tea recommendations!

    I'm quite capable of putting the kettle in the fridge (which I have done once), and the milk in the cereal cupboard (I have done this more than once)...So teabags are definitely appreciated in the mornings!

  2. Oooh I got some yummy sencha from Fortnum & Mason on Friday :D

  3. You & Diana always inspire me to drink tea, I always want to try what you try...hehe!

  4. I love tea. It's very soothing and so healthy too. :]

  5. Ahh, love tea! I start each day with tea, and end with tea.

    Cute mug!

  6. Thank you darling. What beautiful pics as ever x


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