Street Level

My iPhone is my daily companion. Together we absorb London's inner-city vistas with an insatiable hunger. Here are some recently captured scenes:

On the subject of the London Eye.

On the subject of Shoreditch High Street.

On the subject of Old Street.

On the subject of the magnificent St Paul's.

On the subject of Angel.

On the subject of the City.

I do hope that you have enjoyed these glances from my perspective.
Perhaps we can do this again soon.


  1. Happy Monday to your Iphone;-)
    My camera is my constand companion.
    Adore all the images - they have such depth.

  2. beautiful photos!! my phone is also a dear companion of mine as well. i seriously feel sad when i leave it behind lol

  3. I love wandering around London, just soaking in the atmosphere!

  4. St Paul's!!! Gorgeous gorgeous architecture <3 Yay, am looking forward to your next installment

  5. Instagram is the one thing tempting me towards an iPhone....Wish they would make it for Androids!

  6. That is one of the reasons I am not a huge fan of my blackberry! But I do have an ipod touch and I love taking pictures with it as well (Instagram?!)

    I love the shot of St Pauls you got!

  7. You have a great eye to spot beautiful inner-city vistas and I loved the Angel image, so funny!

    I also want to thank you again for the nice comments, so happy that you enjoy my blog!


  8. I just felt like I took a mini snapshot trip to London. Gorgeous pictures. ^^

  9. Is that the Gherkin..?? You really do take some amazing pictures!


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