The Naughty Lady of Hertford House

Tucked away behind the tireless thoroughfare of Oxford Street, sits Hertford House in blissful serenity.

Here is one of the places that I go to forget myself for it is so far removed from my perfunctory normality that it is a real fount of escapism.

Hertford House is better known as the Wallace Collection. This is where the combined treasures of 5 generations of collectors remain today. I can devote many hours to admiring the paintings, porcelain and furniture here.

Isn't she marvellous? Dreamlike and in soft-focus, the scandal is revealed. A naughty lady allowing a fellow hidden in the bushes (perhaps a lover), to glimpse beneath her skirts whilst her husband pushes her. Jean Honoré Fragonard's, "The Swing", is a celebrated piece and one that I cannot tire of seeing. Perhaps it shouldn't do, but, it always makes me smile!


  1. I Love the Wallace Collection! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I cant tell you how often I have spoken to my husband about going to see this recently. Also you left a comment on another blog about mushrooms being your favourite - I had just written a similar comment reminds me of our red phone boxes post. Serendipity. Xxxx

  3. I do like that painting. It's very cheeky!

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I find this sort of stuff fascinating!

  5. the painting are very nice. thanks for sharing this amazing treasure.Painting got a lot of hidden story that we never know. AMAZING

  6. Wow the painting is indeed beautiful! Love these photos :D nice blog overall!



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