Pillow Talk

I bought Pillow Talk from Topshop's recently released Smoke and Mirrors collection. I haven't any baby pinks in my stash so I don't feel that awful for adding yet ANOTHER lipstick to the pile.

Pillow talk applies smoothly and leaves a velvet-like finish and is not bad value for £9.00 a pop.

I quite like this colour but at the moment it doesn't suit me. I envisage that this will be much better when my winter pallor get's me within it's grasp...expect a closer look at this then. In the meantime, all I have for you is a little swatch.

What is your favourite baby pink lippy if you do baby pink liippy at all?


  1. Am I a weirdo? I just love the pristine sculpturalness (not a word, I know) of a brand-new lipstick!

  2. Ooh that is a pretty colour! I like baby pink lippies but they don't look good on me I think. My first lippie ever was Rimmel's Pink Champagne (which I read was the truest matte baby pink on a budget!) and after hyping it up lots, I tried it, and it just looked terrible! I think my complexion was too tan to pull it off.

    Maybe i'll give it another go too when my skin pales out a bit. At the moment post holiday I am comparible to Krusty the Clown - white face, yellow body.


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