The Tea Palace

Our reputation precedes us as a tea loving country and so it comes as no surprise that we have a host of tea purveyors throughout London and beyond.

My madness for tea may well be steeped in my heritage. Having strong roots in England, Japan and Kenya, I had little hope of evading the glorious stuff in a cup! So here I am shining my spotlight on the tea shops that I come across upon my daily wanderings.

"Tea Palace is a modern tea emporium that offers the widest selection of the finest quality teas and infusions available in the UK. We are dedicated to leading the rediscovery of a 'proper cup of tea' and sharing our passion for teas and infusions with tea lovers everywhere."

I don't often visit Covent Garden, it's a throbbing hive of tourists and trying to walk around it can become a laborious venture for me. However, it is well worth a trip if only to buy some tea.

The selection of tea at the Tea Palace is large and varied. Here you will find familiar teas and curiously tempting infusions in Tea Palace's gorgeous caddies. The Tea Palace also stocks some pretty tea wares and accessories so you can end up spending more time that you anticipated in the shop's cellar.

The Tea Palace display their tea's in a way that encourages you to get more involved in your selection. There are tea's brewing the basement that demand a sampling. So, I enjoyed sniffing and sipping my way around the shop. It is a little haven of tea loving joy in the heart of bustling Covent Garden.

Of course it was impossible for me to walk out empty handed and so I bought a couple of their sample caddies and will let you know what I think of them soon enough.


  1. I like this shop, its like a little cave downstairs hidden from the noise and rush of covent garden

  2. Ooh Covent garden is my playground! This looks very interesting. :)

  3. Ah, I've walked past this place and always wanted to go in but was put off by the hoard of 15 year old exchange students. Maybe I should brave going in, if only to sniff at some wonderous teas!

  4. I just found out your lovely blog thanks to Dvora@Fashioninstable (loved your portrait and your mustard skirt).

    And next time I'll be in London 'll certainly visit the tea Palace, great review!


  5. Oh my gosh... so lovely. A girl can dream! My best memory of visiting London was the full tea at Fortnum & Mason.

  6. How adorable is that little bird teapot! Great post. I love tea shops!

  7. Oh my gosh. That place looks awesome. I'm sure in UK you guys have way more tea shops than here in the States. I've only been to one stand alone, happened to be in Salem, Massachusetts and I live in the south. The closest thing we have are chain tea shops like teavana.

    Such a pity tea is amazing!

    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I LOVE TEA! Looks like such a cute place to visit. ^^

  9. I'm a tea drinker but less keen on coffee. I adore this tea spot. Who doesn't love a cup of freshly brewed tea made from handpicked lose leaves?;-)

  10. How absolutely darling!! Those heart shaped caddies are so cute!! I love shopping for tea hehe :D


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