Oh So Subtle

In my topsy-turvey world it is more than alright to use a highlighter as an eyeshadow and that is exactly what I have been doing these past couple of weeks!

The absolute gem of a lovely lady Vanity-Fashionista sent me the Estee Lauder illuminating powder gelee as a surprise birthday gift. Honestly you ought to have seen my jaw drop when I opened the package!

Isn't the palette just marvellous?

I am really liking the colour, the golden, peach, coppery pink wonderfulness. I must admit that the Estee Lauder counter is often the one that I happily skip past without a second thought so I am utterly charmed by this item as it would never have occurred to me to buy it. However, now that I do have it, I LOVE it.

I apply it with a light hand and it provides a subtle sheen not entirely unlike the sheen that silk stockings gives ones pins.

Thank you Vicky



  1. I have one too and I just love it! I also wear it on my eyes! Vicky is such a sweetie!

  2. It looks gorgeous on your eyes!!
    Haha I'm one to skip EL counters but this caught my attention instantly and one swatch sold me!
    I'm SO SO glad you like this, I got slightly worried when you mentioned swatching it then not getting it on twitter lol. <3 <3

  3. That really is a B-E-A-U-tiful palette!! And to use it as a shadow! Oh my!

  4. oh wow. it looks beautiful on you! <3

  5. Nice, I kind of layered it on myself, but I think I'll try your method to just give an "awake" sheen to my eyes :)

  6. What a gorgeous color & eye.. ;)

  7. Your eyes are beautiful :)
    P.S: I <3 your blog!


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