Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming Night Gelly

Naruko skincare was a brand brought to my attention by friend with clear and healthy skin.

She sent me a jar of her favourite gelly (not a typo) for me to try and it happened to be the Naruko Magnolia Brightening and Firming Night Gelly. I have been dutifully using this each evening for around a month.

Packaging: the Naruko Gelly comes in a glass jar with a plastic lid and a little spatula.

Scent: This is not a true magnolia scent in my opinion. It certainly smells clean. Clean in a posh hotel's superbly well cleaned bathroom kind of way. It doesn't bother me all that much as it soon dissipates after application.

Texture: This is exactly what you would expect. A translucent gel cream that is light in texture.

The proposal: The Naruko Magnolia Night Gelly was created with three main tasks in mind; anti-glycation, antioxidant and brightening.

My thoughts: I fear that this gel though moisturising is a bit on the light side in terms of my skin's night time moisture replenishing requirements. As my skin is quite dry, I had to use a double layer of the gel each night over my serum and so probably used this up faster that normal. That said, this is soothing stuff and I did wake each morning with smoother skin.

The Magnolia brightening and firming night gelly contains a cauldron of impressive sounding natural ingredients including:

I do have to note that this does include tranexamic acid, a substance known for it's skin brightening/lightening effect as one of it's ingredients that appear lower down the list. I did not notice any skin lightening/brightening effect and as I am not into skin lightening personally so I doubt that I will get another one of these.

I have spotted this on imomoko for those wishing to try it.


  1. I'm looking for a new night cream but I need something SUPEr moisturizing as my skin is just now recovering from being flaky and allergic and burned :S.

    My Beauty Diary just released night creams/masks - will let you know if I pick one up!

  2. I'm waiting to finish my Laneige sleeping pack to the last drop before i jump onto this one.

  3. Sounds very refreshing, like the Suqqu Gel moisturizer!

  4. This gelly sounds rather good, but less keen on the lightening effect. I also use a good serum at night on my face;-)

  5. Evn if you have to use alot, i checked the prices of naruko in sasa in Hk and it's pretty reasonable. just above drugstore even. so even if you need alot, it's not that dear! :)

    I love that it has snow fungus in it. I LOVE eating it. :)

  6. Like Tine2 I am also in need of an ultra moisturising night cream now that winter is coming round my part of the world.
    I love these gel texture creams but they're never moisturising enough :(
    I am, however, quite curious about Naruko!

  7. This sounds right up my street! :D <3

  8. I love Naruko! Oh, may I just add that these night gellies are not moisturizing enough simply because they are meant to be used as a final step after your typical moisturizer, thus to act as an overnight mask and seal in the rest of your serums and stuff you've put on before. Hope that helps somewhat! :)

  9. Ooh, I've read a few things about Naruko skin care and have been curious on how they actually perform. Sounds like an interesting night cream. Thanks for sharing!


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