Most Used: Too Faced Naked Eye

Dear readers I have been a bit of a nudist this week! My most used cosmetic item has been the Too Faced Naked Eye palette which I feel is so easy to use for my regular rush-job face.

As you can see I tend to use the same colours and so some remain untouched.

My favourite colours are:

Birthday suit. A gently shimmering neutral taupey beigey shade.

An oyster shell like colour that meddles with pale pink shot through with gold.

Pillow talk is a sandy beige.

Lap Dance is a taupey purplely grey.

From left to right: Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, Pillow Talk and Lap Dance.

Very little effort required to use this in my hypnagogic states. I have been feeling rather exhausted this week and this has helped to perk up my dreary eyes and make me at least SEEM more awake.


  1. What a fabulous palette for rushed weekdays!

  2. These colours are lovely. I think it's easier to just do the nude effect. It's simple but can still be dressed up or down - lovely palette xo

  3. I love this palette too! It's just sooo easy to use for an everyday look. And you can never go wrong with this palette!!! ^^

  4. Too Faced shadows are some of the most blendable out there... love 'em :)

  5. Sending you a cup of tea as you are exhausted!
    You are a natural beauty and don't need much makeup

  6. I love neutral palette as they can wake my eyes up looking natural in mins without much thinking on how to match them. Right now, UD naked palette is my neutral darling!

  7. HAHAHA, I love the names Too face & Urban Decay use for there eye shadows. I have the naked palette & use daily! Lovely photos =]

  8. I KNEW you were a nudist..just knew it!! *shakes finger* I kid! I kid! I love nude colors too.

  9. I was admiring this palette at Sephora yesterday! Very lovely!


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