Later today....

Hello dear readers, watchers and shiny fing buyers!

This week we saw Liberty release their art fabric collaboration with Hello Kitty.

Curiously enough, such a collaboration first came about last year and was exclusive to Japan.

I happen to have kept a stash of the Japanese edition fabric in my box of magical materials and have now turned them into clip frame purses which shall slip into the EMPORIUM shop window in dribs and drabs throughout today.


  1. This is really lovely! I'm goin to have a look at your Emporium...Have a nice (warm!) w-e!


  2. Purdyyy! Yasumi, may I know what's the size of the clip frame purses?

  3. I saw this is another blog earlier this week! For me it was a slightly odd collaboration given that well, its Liberty! But fun fabrics nonetheless!

  4. Oh duh it was your blog! Sorry the heat is making me slightly slow!

  5. Well you already know I think these are awesome :) Love this collaboration.


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