Eye Spy: Rebecca Wilson

My eyes bulged when I came across Rebecca Wilson's work. She is a ceramicist of extraordinary talent and imagination and I am very pleased to be able to include her in my game of Eye Spy.

Eye Spy Rebecca Wilson:

Ooooooh saucy! The above is the Dirty Rotten Peaches range that were cast from real peaches. "Dirty Rotten Peaches are part a body of work entitled Eat Me; Keep Me, which aims to turn everyday items into a collage of pleasurable extravagance."

"Tacky collectible perfume bottles are referenced in the ‘Blow Me’ collection."

"These objects have become marginalised from their intended purpose as decanters of sickly scents, and now stand redundant in function, but rich in purpose as covetable ‘collectibles’. The non-functional glass and porcelain pieces are finished off with delicately knitted atomiser bulbs salvaged from vintage perfume bottles. The patina comes from of years of being squeezed by greasy fingers and the disfigured and perished rubber interiors further allude to the now redundant function."

I don't know about you but I am in awe.

Rebecca Wilson Website


  1. Do I have an amateur eye or what? I love these but it's because I think they are just hilarious!

  2. totally retro and totally futurist. I love it!

  3. Oh wow, I really like your I Spy series! Especially this post - the designs are so quirky and captivating.

  4. Have you seen the work of Marguax Lange? You will love her!

    Mags x



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