Apollo Bringer of the sun

Framing the staircase of the Wallace Collection is a display of Francois Boucher's Paintings.

Here, visitors shall meet The Setting of the Sun (1752) and The Rising of the Sun (1753)both of which once graced the walls of Louis XV's mistress the eternally refined Madame de Pompadour.

I have always had a quiet curiousity about Apollo as the bringer of the sun. Ovid depicted scenes of his mighty task in his poetry and Boucher made them ever more vivid in his paintings.

The Rising of the Sun.

Apollo rises from Oceanus to drive his flaming chariot across the heavens bringing light and warmth to the world. Here we see him preparing for his daily epic whilst Aurora, goddess of the dawn scatters her blossoms to mark his way.

The Setting of the Sun.

Winged infants draw the dark night clouds across the skies as Apollo retires into Tethys' arms.

How wonderfilled were the imaginations of old. Allegories of a most gorgeous order.


  1. On my list for London - you bringer of sun;-)

  2. these are beautiful paintings!! the colors are lovely. thx for sharing :]

  3. I love art...it's been a while since I've visited such a place that showcases classic pieces like these.

  4. wow, beautiful!


  5. The Wallace Collection is one of my favourite places in London. Few minutes away from the madness of Bond Street, you have this place full of art and charm. The Boucher paitings are stunning, but every time I go there I can spend hours in front of the Canaletto's art...


  6. I'll be heading to London soon and I'll bear in mind all these little nooks you shared here. I've already jotted down many non-touristy places to visit and I guess I would often come here for more.

  7. BTW, do you reply to comments? I remembered asking a few questions long time back but when I clicked to check back, I didn't see any reply. No worries though, just checking. I guess you've got too many readers. =)

  8. @Jo

    I try to reply to comments via email or the commenter's blog but I cant seem to access yours. I am sorry! Please dont think that I was ignoring you.
    Do email me if you want some extra London advice. I am not very good with touristy stuff but will try my best with other stuff!

  9. ooh I head madam pompdadour was as common as muck though. Or maybe I watched marie antoinette with kirsten dunst in too many times?

    exquisite painting though :)

  10. @Yin

    Common as muck yet good enough for a king. Besides, well behaved women can be entirely forgettable. lol

  11. Thanx for telling me about not being able to access my profile. I went to check and indeed, it wasn't available. I'm puzzled though coz it was all along accessible. I didn't know when it stopped being not accessible and I just went to edit it again to make sure. Now I understand why there wasn't a reply. No worries, I didn't think you were ignoring me but I remember you do reply in the past so I was wondering what happened.


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