Sunlight in the ghost village

I thought that I would take you all on one more trip to Kaya Koy village in Turkey. These photos were taken within a disintegrating church at the heart of the so called "ghost village".

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Later today....

Hello dear readers, watchers and shiny fing buyers!

This week we saw Liberty release their art fabric collaboration with Hello Kitty.

Curiously enough, such a collaboration first came about last year and was exclusive to Japan.

I happen to have kept a stash of the Japanese edition fabric in my box of magical materials and have now turned them into clip frame purses which shall slip into the EMPORIUM shop window in dribs and drabs throughout today.

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"What a Wonderful World"

Makiko Nakamura is a ceramic designer and artist. Her recent work entitled 100 years after the party really caught my eye:

The pieces in Makiko's collection are inspired the thought of a tea service being abandoned at the fall of civilisation.

Makiko is a story teller and her stories breed creative invention and discovery.
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Japan Matsuri

Once a year, Southbank is taken over by Japan Matsuri. Spilling outwards from County Hall is a vibrant celebration of Japan's rich cultural heritage. Here is some of what we saw:

It was nice to see a bit of Japan in London and fascinating to see so many people from such varied backgrounds getting involved.
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Hello Kitty Comes to Liberty

My dear friend Vicky from Vanityfashionista and I visited Liberty yesterday. Our sole purpose was to take a look at the Hello Kitty & Liberty Art Fabrics collaboration.

The 3rd floor Liberty Print department had been taken over by Kitty's

Shelves upon shelves filled with Hello Kitty.

I know that I am far too old to be cooing over Hello Kitty merchandise but I just cant help myself. Kitty has been a childhood friend of mine and Liberty Art Fabrics a constant obsession and I have been anticipating this collaboration since I heard about a similar one released exclusively in Japan last year. I didn't go mad though, I managed to walk away with just a couple of bits:

I bought the notecard set which comprises of 15 cards in 3 designs and 15 envelopes.

Hello Eyes eyeshadow palette.

The palette is a square shaped slightly chunky but substantial compact with a quality textured cardboard insert featuring the Kitty Liberty "Kitty Wonderland" print.

I was nicely surprised when Vicky and I took a peep inside! I was expecting various shades of glittery pink but this is a more grown up Kitty offering.

Swatches for the watchers:

Top line of shades

Bottom line of shades.

I think this is a great palette for it's £8.00 price tag. It's pigmented, applies well and does what it says on the tin.

Do also take a look at Vicky's post about this palette HERE.

I have to note that Liberty do not stock the entire range. For instance, the umbrella and brush rolls were not in the vibrant assembly much to my dismay. This collection will be available in Liberty for 2 weeks before it will move out to Boots branches nationwide. Great for my Advantage Points.

I also managed to buy some fabric for future Emporium projects:

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Tea of the Week :Kunitaro Sencha

Green Tea is a staple in my life. I start each day with a steaming hot cup and each day without it, doesnt feel quite right.

I have grown rather fond of this Kunitaro tea. The blend of green tea leaves and matcha is refreshingly delicious.

The convenience of a tea bag is duly appreciated in the mornings.

This is a bold yet well-rounded cuppa. It's zingy with a slighty earthy fragrance and has very little in the way of bitterness if brewed well.

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Apollo Bringer of the sun

Framing the staircase of the Wallace Collection is a display of Francois Boucher's Paintings.

Here, visitors shall meet The Setting of the Sun (1752) and The Rising of the Sun (1753)both of which once graced the walls of Louis XV's mistress the eternally refined Madame de Pompadour.

I have always had a quiet curiousity about Apollo as the bringer of the sun. Ovid depicted scenes of his mighty task in his poetry and Boucher made them ever more vivid in his paintings.

The Rising of the Sun.

Apollo rises from Oceanus to drive his flaming chariot across the heavens bringing light and warmth to the world. Here we see him preparing for his daily epic whilst Aurora, goddess of the dawn scatters her blossoms to mark his way.

The Setting of the Sun.

Winged infants draw the dark night clouds across the skies as Apollo retires into Tethys' arms.

How wonderfilled were the imaginations of old. Allegories of a most gorgeous order.

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Street Level

My iPhone is my daily companion. Together we absorb London's inner-city vistas with an insatiable hunger. Here are some recently captured scenes:

On the subject of the London Eye.

On the subject of Shoreditch High Street.

On the subject of Old Street.

On the subject of the magnificent St Paul's.

On the subject of Angel.

On the subject of the City.

I do hope that you have enjoyed these glances from my perspective.
Perhaps we can do this again soon.

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Most Used: Too Faced Naked Eye

Dear readers I have been a bit of a nudist this week! My most used cosmetic item has been the Too Faced Naked Eye palette which I feel is so easy to use for my regular rush-job face.

As you can see I tend to use the same colours and so some remain untouched.

My favourite colours are:

Birthday suit. A gently shimmering neutral taupey beigey shade.

An oyster shell like colour that meddles with pale pink shot through with gold.

Pillow talk is a sandy beige.

Lap Dance is a taupey purplely grey.

From left to right: Birthday Suit, Satin Sheets, Pillow Talk and Lap Dance.

Very little effort required to use this in my hypnagogic states. I have been feeling rather exhausted this week and this has helped to perk up my dreary eyes and make me at least SEEM more awake.

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The Miscellany of the Marvellous

I made a promise this week. I promised that I shall never again let my little shop window lay bare and sorry looking ever again.

Now, may the curious among you make your way down this little alley to take a glance at my shop window. It's joy to have your noses pressed up against the glass...always a joy!

Click upon the loose page above for access to the Emporium.
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Cleansing Oil WInner

I apologise profusely for the delay in the announcement of my joint sponsored giveaway with the lovely Beauty Box. Without any further ado, the winner is:

Dear Ms Red can you email your address to Questions at worshipblues dot com? Congratulations on your win, you were quite right, MIFFY was indeed the character in question!

It has not been forgotten that this month marks my 2nd year in blogging. There may well be an intriguing giveaway to celebrate our journey very soon!
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Beauty by Night

Paris though beautiful in general, simmers into wonderment in the glistening light. It blossoms into effulgence and so glows as if from deep within.

In the rolling subdued verve of the night, you wouldn't feel that that the Museé de Louvre is one of the most visited museums in the world. The once Louvre Palace looks resplendent with her comparatively new companion that is Pei's glass pyramid structure. A perfect place to house that much contemplated enigmatic smile.

Massive thanks to the Worshipblues photographer for his tireless work:

Caught at it!
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