A wandering we shall go

"What do you mean they are stuck on top of a hill with a boat?" I exclaimed when Hiro told me of the current situation that our friend's found themselves in.

Sure enough, we found them on a hilltop, broken down with a boat in tow. Now we are not the type to get elbow deep in car guts so we left our friends to it while we sauntered off for some photo opportunities in the vast expanse of green. We are great in emergency situations!

Surrey provided us with a gorgeous backdrop.

It feels like a real escape when I can breathe deeply and the air is fresh. But most of all, I love unexpected adventures.

When did you last have accidentally stumble into an adventure?

Photos by Hiro
Leggings from Asos
Silk shirt from Mardi Jeudi


  1. The second photograph Is my favorite
    It looks like you are at natures mercy and it took your breath away for a while

  2. I simply can't take my eyes off your hair! I had to force myself to scroll down to stop looking at it!

    The last time I stumbled onto an adventure? Well, when we were in NYC we were meant to be going on a boat tour to see the Statue of Liberty, but we took quite a few wrong turnings and ended up in Brooklyn. At first glance it was a bit like, 'Why are we here?! This place looks run down!', but then we found an amazing pier with a great view of NYC, New Jersey and the Statue herself. And everyone there was fishing, except one elderly man who sat at a bench with his bike, with a radio strapped on the back of it. Apparently he sits there everyday.

  3. The first word that comes to my mind is STUNNING!! >.<


  4. Wow, now I want to go on an adventure. It's been far too long. Have you got a red tint in your hair?

  5. beautiful scenery.

    there's more to that story than you're letting on, isn't there? I would love to know the rest of it plus the back story to how they got stuck on top of a hill with a boat...

  6. Your new hairstyle is super hot lady. x x

  7. Your new hairstyle is super hot lady. x x

  8. Have I mentioned I love your hair?

  9. Your hair looks lighter in these pictures, did you dye it?? Either way I love it. How do you always manage to look so elegant and regal in your pictures..?? I need to KNOW!!

    The last picture is my favorite. To me it looks like a never-ending path.

  10. Love love love the hair!!
    I see you didn't iron your shirt again!! xD

  11. Beautiful photos as always! I'm loving the way your hair looks and your shirt is lovely!

  12. Like the usual I am in love with all of your photos!!

    I meant to comment on your hair cut post back then but since I've never done that I'm doing it now: Your new hair style is amazing! It suits you a lot! Maybe I should be more daring and try a short hairstyle in the future as well.

  13. What a beautiful photo story! :)


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