Tea of the Week :Sakura 2011 Thé Vert

I am rolling with the new features today! I have another one for you born out of my obsessive love/adoration/passion of tea (oh that lovely stuff). Each week I will let you in on a brew of the week. The tea that I have enjoyed the most Monday through to Sunday.

The tea that was most consumed and most relished last week was Mariage Freres' Sakura 2011 Thé Vert.

Sakura 2011 is an annual limited edition green tea that I picked up in Paris.

As winter wanes and spring approaches, desire revives and SAKURA is reborn.

The 2011 vintage of MARIAGE FRÈRES’ green cherry-blossom tea nestles in a limited-edition collector’s canister—silken and slender, luxurious and sensual.
In the mouth this tea is lively, sumptuous and elegant, full of sweet, blossoming fragrances that strike a grassy, sweet, flowery note.

Mariage Freres

This is a delightfully delicate fragrant tea.

It is a light sophisticated flavour much like a beautiful symphony of freshness.

It is such a pity that this is not available in the UK for I would certainly consider hauling this for rainy days.

Incidentally, my teacup is bone china and was made by Noritake Ireland


  1. that green cherry-blossom tea sounds absolutely divine! Not forgetting your pretty teacup too! =)

  2. what a gorgeous tea cup!!

    The tea sounds so delicate and delicious!

  3. i am a huge tea fan. this 1 looks amazing!! esp in that gorgeous tea cup.

    loving the new features btw :D

  4. I love Mariage Freres. I had the Sakura sables that go with it and it was delicioso.

  5. Hmmmmm yummy! I can almost smell it from here!

  6. How lovely! I'm going to really love this feature, I can already tell! This made me pull out my cherry blossom tea hehe, which is Lupicia's Sakurambo, though I think that one is mostly just cherry flavored and not actually a cherry blossom tea - I bet this one is really lovely. =) The tin and the teacup are gorgeous too!

    I might start doing a tea of the week (or month, as that seems more in line with my blogging schedule haha) as well - I hope you don't mind! =)


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