Sweet Toof and the Lost Malapa

Fancy another stroll through east London? Step right up and come this way, let's head towards the Olympics area for some thoroughly un-Olympicness.

Hackney Wick has been a thriving corner for the east's vibrant art scene for some time. Amid and within the vast warehouses is where you can find artists studios and crafter's workshops. Although newcomers to the area will be forgiven for dismissing the area as a dump, take a closer look and you will discover a tapestry of creativity beneath it's seemingly daunting surface.

Personally I like lingering in the area and watching the world go by. I am enthralled by the juxtaposition between the artistry, neglect, post apocalyptic feel and of course the vision of the Olympic park sitting side by side. A strange motley crew.


Thanks Hiro for the photos.
Graffiti by Sweet Toof and others.
Mustard culottes from ASOS
Striped top from GAP
Red lipstick is MAC's Russian Red
Red shoes from Kurt Geiger
Ego shopper was bought on Okinawa Day
Sunglasses from RayBan


  1. i love the first two pictures. great outfit too and lovely tour.

  2. OMG! You look just like my mother when she was young! You remind me of a picture of here in a similar outfit with sunglasses at Santa Cruz pier in California!

  3. You look great with your new hair cut. I love it. Are you still happy with it too? Thank you for another great journey in the East. Xxxx

  4. Gorgeous pics as always - I adore your hair like this and MUST purchase that lipstick!
    Nic x

  5. ooooooo! From your description, I can't help but picture a scene from Micmacs! :)

    p.s. you're so pretty!


  6. i found waldo!!!...pretty lady :)

    just kidding you looking like a frenchie...now all you need is a stalk of scallion and a baguette in your jappy bag to make the look complete ...

  7. you look great. are you a model? coz' if you do i would love to date you.


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