The Yummies: On the matter of spuds

As the self appointed curator of this odd little place, I am perpetually considering different aspects of curiosity to bla -di-bla about to you. This time, I let my belly growl and come up with this new feature; "The Yummies".

I am always on the look out for new and lesser known things to stuff my face with so why not let you in on my findings?

Blue crisps are delicious.

They have a rich, dense potato flavour. Much more potatoey than any other crisps that I have gobbled.

It is extraordinarily fun to know that there is such a thing as a blue potato that comes from Peru! This really makes the little me of many a year a go very happy indeed!

That that the matter of a blue potato has been settled, I am on the hunt for a blue banana......

Brand:Terra Blues
You can find them in Fresh and Wild


  1. I used to grow this kind of potato, and it tastes good roasted, too!

  2. Um, drool! It's lunchtime, I just have to pry myself away from this computer... thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Looks so yummy! And healthy too. :D I <3 healthy snacks.

  4. I am from Peru... over there is also purple corn ( to make refreshing cold non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks from).

    Glad you enjoyed your potatoes!

  5. Oh man, they closed down the Fresh and Wild in Tescos that I used to visit in Bristol and replaced it with a Waitrose (I can think of worst things to replace it....)

    Have you tried cassava chips? I was a little obsessed with those a while back but then realised I was glugging down litres of water to try and hyrate myself afterwards :P

  6. OMG blue potatoes. Well I never. I want some. Fresh and Wild here I come. Xxxx

  7. oh I love blue crips! And I love vegetable crisps too.

  8. blue/purple potatoes are delicious! I like using them instead of regular potatoes when I can to add color to my dinner plate :) I'm obsessed with taro chips as well.


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