Shimmer, shimmer, sparkle and gleam....

.....Something magic this way comes......

"Worship at the House of Blues is a residence of daydreams and whimsy established in a secret location within east London. .

This is no ordinary shop. This is a journey into my imagination. A challenge to see how far my vision can reach without recreating tens of the same item. My creations are made in extremely small amounts and each piece will be sold as a numbered limited edition.

Expect something magical."

Click above to follow the shimmering brick road into my Emporium of marvellous things.

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Massive thank you's to all the lovely bloggers, tweeters and readers that have encouraged and supported to me to get this far. You have all been amazing and I cannot thank you enough xx


  1. Sooooooo excited for this and YOU!!! Your shop looks great Yasumi!! Congratulations!!!!!

    Massive love and hugs!!!

  2. Congrats, Yasumi!
    All your pieces are so unique and pure LOVE! <3

  3. Wow, everything gets sold out so quickly!! Everything looks absolutely stunning. you have a great eye!

  4. Yasumi, your new shop is beautiful. And sold out :-(
    I have tried to show you my shimmer but it is not working for some reason. You know my details, could you please add me to your mailing list. To return all the cheering you have been doing from the sidelines for my post on Friday (you are a star). I would like to do a post about you. To do that though we have to meet. Want to? Xxxx


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