Romance Smells Like an Old Man

Somehow, within the tangled noodles and stale rice that make up my brain, I have decided that dapper old gents of the increasingly rare and refined sort are sniffable delights!

Perhaps the above declaration may make more sense if I let loose on the pictorial scene it that haunts my olfactory obsession.

I picture a gentleman who dons a well cut bespoke suit that has probably seen better days. Perhaps he wears leather brogues. If you look closely at his heels, you may be able to see traces of mud that betray his penchant for leisurely park walks. He smokes a pipe, he drinks the finest Scotch in a Baccarat glass of course. He is most probably an academic of some sort and has dedicated his life to a curious study of some kind. He has a well trained palate and an undying love for fine food. My gentleman spends most of his time in the library enclosed with his ancient books and maps. He sits at his mahogany desk and his chair is leather upholstered. He smells delightfully of his life and I wish I could steal this scent!

Unfortunately, my scent stealing pistol is kaput and so I have enlisted the help of some fab products to help me achieve this admittedly bizarre ambition. This offering from Le Labo really does help

Incidentally, Hiro and I have us a new deal, we will only buy new fragrances if we can BOTH happily wear them.


  1. Somehow I can smell this old man and it's comforting to me.

  2. Well....at least it doesn't smell like an Old Cow?

  3. Laughing about your title and M.A.C.nunu's comment.

    I would rather think of doing a bit of time-travelling and bumping into a handsome 30-something man in the 1930 that smells masculininely good than the old man in these ages, but yeh, perhaps that gives a more invigorating effect instead of the 'sweet grandpa' idea.


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