Nanoce BB Moist Cream

After using Nanoce BB Moist Cream for over a year I feel confident enough to say that I am a definite fan.

Nanoce BB Moist Cream in #2 Healthy Ocre:

The Nanoce BB cream has been selling well in Japanese drug stores for some time now and I am not at all surprised by this.

Here is a little run down of my thoughts:

Packaging: Plastic squeezy tube which is the best way to package BB creams in my opinion.

Scent:This does have a medicated smell that may bother some but I would certainly take this over a heady floral scent any day.

Coverage: Medium coverage. This does come out slightly thick from the tube but it applies smoothly and you can build the coverage. I use a blending sponge to apply which gives me more control over the level of coverage that I am looking for.

Sun care: SPF30 PA++


I like this mainly because provides fantastic moisture during the winter months without blocking my pores. I must admit that I find this slightly heavy during the summer months when I prefer to use lighter tinted moisturisers. However, this does provide excellent, even coverage and really helps to brighten up my complexion leaving a healthy glow.

I would recommend this to people who have combination/dry skin.

I recently got hold of Nanoce's newest BB offering which comes to us as a spray type formula. I currently trying this out and will of course get back to you with my thoughts.

Nanoce BB Sorbet.


  1. hehehe, love the review! ;) I may just have to get the sorbet because look how pretty the bottle is! I can't wait to read your thoughts on it though. :)

  2. I see you rave about this on twitter too :D
    I want to add this to my collection! I can't wait to find out what you think of the Sorbet BB cream too, it's a unique concept :)

  3. Hello!
    What about Nanoce whitening essence? Have you tried it yet? I am not sure what to purchase. Essence or BB cream...


  4. One day, one day I shall find the perfect BB Cream for me...

  5. oh i tried out the new sorbet at the shop but i was put off you need to apply with sponge and not actually spray on! looking forward to hear your thoughts on it :)

  6. Omg I want it! Going to order it now...thanks a lot, enabler! hehe jk


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