Jelly Fruitcake

I have evidence that I have flipped out and lost the plot and accumulated a few too many night jellies/sleeping masks.

I am certain that there may be a couple more lurking around....

It will take me a while to work through these, I hope they will protect my skin as this chill continues to set in.

I will let you know my thoughts as I scrape the barrels above!


  1. Interesting ^^ the packaging is very cute.

  2. oeh would love to see reviews

  3. Hello! I miss you as well! It's been insanely busy since I moved across the country to a city I've been to once (for two? three? days) to start a job. The industry I chose didn't help either. I hope you're doing wonderfully, and your husband too! :)

    I'm looking forward to your reviews of these night jellies because I'm using the Laneige one, which I adore, but I'm looking to start exploring!

  4. Haha you and your craziness about face jellies :P well, I've kinda got my craze of face masks from you and my friend has hauled me from Taiwan which I will review soon enough. Also those cute canmake blushes, my friend thought I was crazy for giving her a huge shopping list.... oops! x

  5. What brand is the chamomile one?
    I can't wait to hear your opinions about these, they look very promising!

  6. Hello Kaynn

    The chammomile is by My Beauty Diary.


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