Hercolino is mine!

I have a big swampy gooey soft spot for safari-esque eyeshadow palettes. They call to me heart and make me empty my wallet in a most zombie-like manner. My latest addition to the collection is the Tokidoki Royal Price Hercolino palette. This is not available in the UK and so I am counting my lucky stars that the ever lovely Jenn from Beauty Moogle Zone helped me get my paws on it.

I am afraid that I have not got the heart to swatch it for you yet so this post is simply 100% eye candy.

Lion Pappa (pearlised bronze)
Hercolino (pearlised chocolate brown)

Profumo (matte dusty rose)
Elettica (sparkling gray green)
Ippo (dark purple)

Meet my new friend!

As far as I can see, these are only available from Sephora.

Do take a look at Jenn's blog,
Beauty Moogle Zone, its just brilliant!

Thanks again Jenn!! I LOVE THIS x


  1. Your new little friend is so cute XD
    The whole palette is adorable and pretty, shame Tokidoki isn't in the UK. xxx

  2. The colors are great and they're super cute. We have Sephora in California and I remembered I would go crazy for Tokidoki and then for some reason I just end up getting their lip tint instead. But, if you ever need anything from Sephora I would love to a swap with you, since I know some of the things are not available in California. =)

  3. I saw this at Sephora the other day...too cute!

  4. Beautiful, can't wait to see some swatches or even better an FOTD :o)

  5. These colours will look lovely on your hazel eyes m'dear. Im guessing you also like these safari/khaki colours as they're reminiscent of Africa

  6. Oh my word this is freakin amazing!! And you even get a cute lil dawg with a crown...this is truely the ultimate palette! :) x


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