Getting cheeky: Canmake Tokyo Cream Cheeks

I envy drugstore beauty in Japan. They have such great household brands such as Canmake Tokyo!

Canmake is a fab little brand who make great blush be it cream or powder form. I thought some of you might like to see/hear more about my experience with them so here is my little review on their cream blush.

I currently own two of these:

Left: 05 Sweet Apricot. Right: 04 Vitamin Orange

My used and abused Vitamin Orange:

A vibrant tangerine shade that works well on most skin tones. I use this lightly when I am paler and slightly heavily when I have been in the sun.

Vitamin Orange on white paper swatch (above)

My used and abused Sweet Apricot blush:

A peachy pink apricot shade that also works well on most skin tones. I find this shade to be stronger in pigment than the one above.

The colorful back hander:

Packaging: Lightweight plastic cases. Practical because they are clear so I can see the colours but other than that, they are nothing to swoon over.

Pigmentation: I would class these well pigmented blushes that are easy to work with. However, I am sure that the lighter shades veer towards the sheer end of the spectrum.

Application: The Canmake Cream Cheeks have an almost gel like texture that make them very easy to apply with the fingertips. Once on, they hold well and for a good 8 hours on my skin without fading.

Notes: These are my go to cream blushes for when I need a long lasting, low maintenance glowy colour. I find that many other cream blushes require a dusting of powder of varying degrees to hold them in place, but this is quite able to hold it's own pretty much all day. The Canmake blushes work well on my dry cheeks without melting in the summer or cracking in the winter.

These are fragrance free but the Canmake Cream Cheek blushes do contain shimmer of varying degrees. You may wish to consider that before purchasing.

Canmake Tokyo do have an English website for those of you that fancy having a look at some of the other stuff they do: Canmake Tokyo

Available from: AlphabeautyUK (eBay), Mihoko, A Pop of Kawaii and Ichibankao.


  1. Gorgeous! And yes I wished we had japanese drugstores here too! Especially their equivalent of our poundstores! Thanks for sharing! I'll be looking out for them next time I go! x

  2. Oh, these are so nice! I still have the pink one you sent me ages ago :) I am surprised at how shimmery these are on the skin - it isn't too much but mine didn't look shimmery at all in the pan!

    Yours hardly look dented haha.

  3. I have No. 5 and it's one of my faves!

  4. I have never got the chance to try Canmake blushes because I had no idea where to get them! I've seen them on ebay but have always debated whether they were real. Thanks for reccommending AlphabeautyUK! :)


  5. Thanks for suggesting AlphabeautyUK, I had no idea where to get these little treasures from! x

  6. The vitamin orange color looks divine.

  7. Oooh, love the color of Sweet Apricot! Do all of them have shimmer? It doesn't look like these two do in the swatches, but perhaps Vitamin Orange has more than Sweet Apricot looks ... I'm not a huge fan of shimmer being on the oily side myself, which is why I've held off on these, but they look so fun - I may cave yet. =)

  8. I do believe I have both of these thanks to a dream girl in Tokyo *wink*
    I think Vitamin Orange is the most uniquely coloured blush I own and it looks great on my skin in the summer!

  9. both look so beautiful! im always scared to use cream blushes bc i think i wont be able to blend properly & will end up looking like a splotchy clown >.< but i think i'll give these a try.


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