Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes Deep

Esprique is a Japanese line of makeup that sits under Kose's huge big umbrella. This line has recently been revamped and I must admit that I am loving their shadow palettes very muchly. My latest addition to my collection came from their Autumn collection.

Esprique Blend Dimensional Eyes - Deep in shade #B4.

This is a lovely colour combination for late summer and autumn for me. The palette consists of 2 colour shadows, 1 highlighter and 1 lining shade. Of course they can be used as and how your imagination sees fit!

The shadows are wonderful to apply as all colours glide on in a smoothly and blend together seamlessly.

I experienced very little in the way of fall out when used with my NARS base, and found all shades to have excellent colour pay off. Though the shades are shimmery, the particles are of a fine quality so don't worry about chunks of glitter.

The B4 palette is certainly the most interesting one in Esprique's autumn collection in my opinion. This is a certain keeper for me. I shall keep it in my make up treasures box along with the Esprique Blend Dimensional Shiny Palette that I also have.


  1. Very subtle and beautiful palette!

  2. Lovely photos! Interesting colours too :)

  3. I haven't purchased an eyeshadow palette for some time now. I'm actually still waiting for the NARS Naked palette to restock in Sephora. Super lame how slow they are making them. Your swatches are tempting me to buy makeup!

  4. I currently have an obsession with olive colours though I'm not even sure that they suit me!

    I've just started my own blog after stalking yours and a few others for yonks. I will write reviews but talk about food, travel, and knitting lots too!

    It would be great if you could take a look and follow if you like :)

    ~ Rinny

  5. These colors are so pretty!! The packaging makes it seem like they wouldn't be very pigmented, but they are.

  6. Sweet! I've been lemming for the same palette, and now I won't stop after seeing your pics and hearing your thoughts on it, hehe.


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