Dolly Wink Red

I picked up a few Dolly Wink nail polishes in Japan last year. Since then, they have been languishing in a drawer doing not very much. I dug out the red shade today as it looked so vibrantly scarlet.

I like the darling little bottle. I like the way that it is small enough to give me a realistic chance of using up the nail polish before the inevitable stodginess sets in.

This is a fine shade of red that applies evenly and dries to a touch-dry finish very quickly.

I am particularly fond of red and this is a fine addition to my collection.


  1. What a striking shade of red, love your nails.

  2. I just finished painting my nails a scarlet red.
    Such a glamorous colour and so perfect for summer. Happy Sunday;-)

  3. This is a beautiful shade of red and you have lovely nails. I've been craving red nails recently too - may do mine today!
    Nic x

  4. Lovely colour!! How long does it take for your nail polishes to go a bit gunky? Mine seem to hate me after 6months-1year, even my OPI ones.... >_<

  5. Cute name, bottle and great colour. Xxxx


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