Brush Roll Please!

Make up lovers will know that it isn't as easy as it seems to find the right brush roll for our brushes. Lucky for me, I know just where to go to get one!

My friend Yumeko over at
A Dream of Tokyo does a million things including running the handmade blog store Tezaiku. It is here that I purchased my 1st brush roll.

Being a crafter myself, I take great pleasure in buying handmade items. I like to think that much heart has gone into the craft and Yumeko proved me right with this little marvel. Just look at the detail that has gone into it!

Yumeko's handmade goodies are made with quality Japanese fabrics and sell out at lightening speed so keep one eye on her blog store and get ready for some speed buying when new items are launched.

Tezaiku Blog Store


  1. i love her handmade goodies!!! esp the HK ones hehee which means i usually need to stalk her store when she updates so i can snag one in time! XD

  2. I have a Hello Kitty Brush Roll from Yumeko, and I love it!!

  3. were brush roll twins! the bunnies are too cute. mine is still lost somewhere in the mail :(

  4. omg! this brush roll is <3!! 月の兎 is my favorite pattern! I like to buy everything with a rabbit and a moon on it. lol

  5. T-T thank you. u have no idea how much it means to me when a fellow seamstress likes something i made.

    btw ur photos are awesome. u should take all my photos for me from now on XD

    wat is that red brush?

  6. I love Yumeko's brush rolls, I have a Hello Kitty one. Your bunny one is so cute!! <3


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