And there was light.

Hiro is a designer working with light. He eats, dreams, lives LIGHT. Light is paint palette, a means of expression, his art!

As his wife, I have been sucked into a lighting adventure wonderland. I often feel very much like Alice with Hiro as my White Rabbit that takes me deeper down an incandescent rabbit hole.

I cannot go anywhere without stopping to find that I have been talking to myself as Hiro is in fact many steps behind, gazing at some light source of some kind. If I am particularly unfortunate, I may catch him criticising the choice of luminaries whilst laying on the floor in a department store.

Together we chase shadows, seek out beautiful light and I listen while he garbles on about things such as "colour temperature", "poor light rendering", "candelas" and such things that all sound like fascinating gobbledygook to me.


  1. I so get the importance of light too and was very impressed when I learnt about Hiro's involvement in lighting my favourite gallery in London. The Saatchi gallery. To me this is the best lit gallery I have ever been in. He knows what he is talking about this special man of yours. Xxxx

  2. "I may catch him critising the choice of luminaires whilst laying on the floor in a department store" That's SO cute! :D

    I loved this! <3 <3 More please! ;)

  3. I love Hiro's hat!!! :)
    I like the fact that you get sucked into his loves too, it's just one of the beautiful things about life and love ^_^

  4. i love lights. that makes me feel so alive. awesome scenery taken by an awesome man.


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